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  1. I am an RN at one of the California hospitals that had the strike. The strike was for 24 hours, but Tenet hired strike nurses for 5 days (which is guess is the minimum) so our regular, permanent staff is being called off of their shifts. We work consistently understaffed. Even if we start our day with a full staff, our director delays the start of some of our nurses or sends nurses home early, at the expense of the patients and of our staff. We miss our breaks on a daily basis, and patients wait in the lobby up to hours because our nurses were sent home and we are unable to staff all of our rooms. I hear from coworkers right now that there are more than enough nurses on staff, everyone is getting breaks, everyone is within ratio. If tenet valued its employees enough to make sure we got the same, there wouldn’t have been a strike. They are spending millions on this, just to prove a point, but the ones suffering are the patients because they’re being cared for by nurses who don’t know our unit, don’t know our doctors, and don’t even know where to find supplies in emergent cases. I will be finishing my NP schooling soon, and when I move on, I will never again work for another tenet facility.
  2. RNbel209

    Simmons FNP January 2017

    Hi everyone. I've submitted my application for fall '17 & wanted to ask someone who is currently enrolled how you like it??
  3. RNbel209

    Simmons FNP program

    Has anyone done the FNP program with Simmons? Recommendations for other programs? Currently applying to programs and any feedback would be appreciated!

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