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  1. TCU Fall 2017

    Has anyone that got wait listed for traditional nursing program heard anything? Or have any clue of when we will hear back from them?
  2. TCU Fall 2017

    That's so awesome!!! Congrats!!!! Good luckkkkk í ½í²—í ½í²—í ½í²—
  3. TCU Fall 2017

    You should call! My advisor emailed me and said all letters went out Tuesday!
  4. TCU Fall 2017

    Anyone else find anything out?
  5. TCU Fall 2017

    I'm sorry!! Everything will work out. You are meant for something more! It sounds like none of us that are transfer students are getting accepted
  6. TCU Fall 2017

    Has anyone else heard back?
  7. TCU Fall 2017

    I got wait listed so hopefully everything will work out. Congrats to everyone that got in!! And I'm sorry to everyone that got denied, better things are in store for all of you. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! Never give up!!
  8. TCU Fall 2017

    Same here lol I have done none of my hw
  9. TCU Fall 2017

    OKAY! This is what happened.. I called and got ahold of a lady that is quite high up in the department, idk how, but I did by a miracle. I asked her about transfer students who have NEVER attended TCU before AND when we would get an answer for the t...
  10. TCU Fall 2017

    I have an amazing idea for that!!! Phahahahaha I want to actually dress nice, not look like a hobo. Do my hair, have my make up on point. And have a sign that says, "not homeless, have a job, just trying to pay my way through nursing school and I do...
  11. TCU Fall 2017

    From what I understand, no. They are going out today for transfer students. They said the same thing some will come through email/portal/mail. But IT updated ours this morning
  12. TCU Fall 2017

    So basically back to square one
  13. TCU Fall 2017

    Yes. Just got ahold of someone high up in nursing department and they said the IT department is really behind because of the 3 day weekend. they just updated their system of transfer students and results will go out with in the next 5 days it could b...
  14. TCU Fall 2017

    Nothing in the mail
  15. TCU Fall 2017

    I think if we live that close they should be here today. It just depends on if they sent them out in the morning or afternoon. Morning- Def will be here today.Afternoon- should be here tomorrow. People that live far away-Thursday or Friday I have hea...