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  1. schanelJ

    Pioneer pacific lpn program

    I just got accepted into the lpn program at pioneer pacific and I was wondering where the graduates from this program thought about the school and how are clinicals? Also, how is the job placement after graduation.
  2. schanelJ

    Sumner College RN

    I did apply and I didn't get a high enough score on the teas test. I applied for the lpn and rn program. I'm under review for the lpn program now. Good luck with the interview, I'm sure you will do fine. í ½í¹‚
  3. schanelJ

    Sumner College RN

    Thank you. So right now I'm struggling with the essays. They said it has to be a minimum of 2 pages. So far I have 1 and there simple questions... any advice?
  4. schanelJ

    Sumner College RN

    I am looking to apply to sumner college 17' but I'm a little nervous about the acceptance process. I know you have to write 3 essays, take the teas and do a panel interview. I'm just wondering what is the chances of me getting in the first time? how hard is it to get accepted? what is the panel interview like? Any tips?

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