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  1. I'm a summer 2019 BSN grad, I applied for the graduate nurse residency at Texas Health beginning in October 2019. Anybody else apply to this residency?
  2. sarah512

    UMHB Fall 2016 (Mary Hardin Baylor)

    I also applied for Spring 2018 and haven't heard back yet. When I submitted the nursing portion of the application, they told me I would hear something back by mid-November.
  3. sarah512

    NYU ABSN Fall 2017

    I also received the netid a few days after I applied. My application was submitted on Thursday 02/23 and I received the e-mail the following Monday. I currently live in Austin, TX so receiving an admission decision sooner rather than later would be ideal. The community college where I took my pre-req's separates out lecture and lab as two different grades and there is no differentiation of A, A-, etc.. hoping my C in chem lecture doesn't hurt me too much. Anatomy Lec/Lab: A/A Physio Lec/Lab: B/A Chem Lecture/Lab: C/A Dev Psych: A Nutrition: B Statistics: B Microbio: currently enrolled, trending towards an A Undergrad GPA is a modest 3.35. I think my personal statement was pretty strong and I've been working in some facet of healthcare since graduating from undergrad in 2010, the past two years have been spent in the hospital in patient access between labor&delivery and ER. Good luck to all, hope to see ya in September :)