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  1. Rounding units of insulin

    Here is an example question. A type 2 diabetic is prescribed lantus 0.2units/kg qd and the patient weighs 197 pounds how many units of insulin should the patient receive? The answer I come up with is 17.9 units using DA but is this amount rounded up ...
  2. Dosage calculation question

    Thanks I was confused on that being the answer. I assumed since the volume was greater than 1 ml that it should have been rounded to the tenths position even though it is a pediatric patient
  3. Rounding IV drip calculations

    How can you measure 1.45 ml with a 3 ml syringe? It has 0.1 ml markings not 0.01ml markings!
  4. Lovenox injection

    I read that some facilities round lovenox to nearest 10mg? is this common everywhere
  5. Dosage calculation question

    I'm practicing some dosage calculation questions for my class this question has me confused. Order:Ampicillin 100mg/kg/day IM divided in 2 doses. Weight:3.778kg. Dose on hand:Ampicillin 250mg/3ml. How many ml of ampicillin does the nurse administer f...

    When calculating an IV fluid bolus for a pediatric patient how do you round the volume? Say a 12 pound pediatric patient is ordered a NS fluid bolus 20ml/kg I use dimensional analysis and get 109.090 ml as my answer but would it be rounded to 109 ml ...
  7. Weight based calculations

    I have some weight based dosage calculation questions. 1. 5 year old patient weighs 14 lbs doctor orders Tylenol 15mg/kg available 160mg/5ml how many mls do you administer? First I convert 14lbs to 6.4 kg (round to nearest tenth kg) multiply times ...
  8. Pediatric rounding rules

    So for pediatric patient if an oral liquid medication called for 4.68 ml I would round to nearest tenth but I've seen books put the answer 4.6ml why is that
  9. Pediatric rounding rules

    The way we were taught you would administer 2.3ml
  10. Rounding and Dosage Calculations

    We were taught less than 1ml round to nearest hundredth, greater than 1ml round nearest tenth.
  11. Pediatric rounding rules

    Ok that's I just find it odd there isn't just a standard way it should be done everywhere
  12. Pediatric rounding rules

    Although I do not use deminsional analysis so maybe that's why we are taught to round kg to nearest tenth on all problems before proceeding
  13. Pediatric rounding rules

    I was told to round kg to nearest tenth for all weights regardless of age to nearest 10th kg before before proceeding with weight based dose calculation is that correct?
  14. Pediatric rounding rules

    Yes I'm new nursing student and I'm in dosage calculation class. I'm working through some pediatric math involving weight based problems in some text it shows to round KG to nearest tenth and others to nearest hundredth I'm curious which is correct? ...