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  1. Hi, I am very concerned about getting into nurse practitioner school. I graduated from from a high-reputable university- university of miami in a accelerated nurse program but since it was horribly hard- my bsn GPA is a 2.5. I know its really bad, i'...
  2. University of Miami Accelerated BSN Summer 2015

    hi! I have a bunch of questions that would be really really helpful if answered! Can you first tell me the estimate of how much books and parking pass will cost me total for that one year? -which advice/tips do you have in doing well in the program?...
  3. University of Miami ABSN Spring 2017

    Hi, for those in this spring 17 program, Can I ask how the programs going so far? If its a good/bad program and how intense it is?
  4. university of Miami ABSN Summer 2017

    I'd be down too! And I Just got accepted!
  5. University of Miami ABSN Spring 2017

    Hi, for those accepted, can I ask what your applicant statistics were such as GPA? I still have to hear back..I have a 3.55 overall GPA and 3.4 prereq GPA
  6. University of Miami Accelerated BSN spring 2015

    Hi, Can I ask you how was the accelerated nursing UM program? How difficult/intense was it?
  7. I got accepted into 2 programs: University of Miami accelerated nursing program vs Thomas Jefferson FACT-1 year nursing program. If anyone has ever attended or heard anything about this program please comment and let me know. Questions I would greatl...