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  1. pnaglitch

    Competitive applications

    Thank you everyone for the information! I think I'll be ready next month to take the GRE and see where I stand. I'm fortunate that there are several programs that are around 2 hours from my house. I'm going to apply to UT Knoxville, UT Chattanooga, LMU, Western Carolina University, and a few others next year. I think I'm going to try to get into UT's trauma or cardiovascular ICU and get some different experience. CRNA is something I've wanted to do for almost 10 years now, it's one of the first and last things I think of each day. I'm excited not only about going to school, but the journey trying to get there has been a blast as well. I look forward to gaining the knowledge that you all have and hope to be one of the best around!
  2. pnaglitch

    Competitive applications

    I was told that my application wasn't competitive enough via the rejection letter from UT Knoxville.
  3. pnaglitch

    Competitive applications

    Sorry, I applied to the University of Tennessee. I'm currently studying for the GRE and will take it soon. I've asked to meet with the director over the program to see where I can strengthen myself. I'm completely realistic in that getting into a program is difficult. Not getting in this year has given me a rekindled fire to make myself stronger. I thank everyone's advise and welcome anyone's advise.
  4. pnaglitch

    Competitive applications

    Hello everyone, I recently applied to UT's CRNA program and was told that my application wasn't competitive enough. I have two years of MSICU/neuro ICU, my GPA was a 3.49, I have my CCRN, I'm CRRT certified as well. I took organic chemistry while I was taking my prereq's and made a B+ in it. Other than more ICU experience, what can I do to make myself more competitive? Did anyone else do anything special to set themselves apart?
  5. pnaglitch

    UT knoxville

    Congrats on getting an interview. I work with a guy at Fort Sanders that has had multiple interviews there. He said that it's pretty laid back and they ask mostly ethical type questions with little clinical questions. Good luck with the interview, I will be re-applying next year so hopefully I'll get in soon!