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  1. CRNA personal statement help!!

    In my opinion I would focus on making sure your grammar, spelling, punctuation is on point and not so much on the content of the personal statement. Schools use the personal statement to see how well you write, If you can throw in some humor then go ...
  2. Experienced CRNA...ask me anything

    Someone got their homework assignment done for them
  3. Financing CRNA School calling all SRNAS

    The majority of SRNAs are going to have some amount of debt. Do you have any money saved up at all? Will you be paying in state vs out of state tuition? The worse thing that could happen is that you get to your last year and run out of money. Federal...
  4. LSU CRNA 2018

    They don't disclose how many people interview. I'm assuming a good amount since there are only two crna programs in LA. Our class size is 43, I don't think they accept up to 50 unless they have done so in previous years. Positive thoughts! Good luck!
  5. Experienced CRNA...ask me anything

    I'm currently a SRNA student and I'm interested in certifying in pain management upon graduation. Is that something that I should wait for till I'm a little more experienced?
  6. Applying to CRNA schools

    Focus on getting the best grades as possible and learning the material. The higher the grades the better. Stop dropping classes. You can't drop classes in CRNA school without being kicked out the program. Good luck!
  7. I'm a male nurse and I'm in nurse anesthesia school. How about that?!
  8. Midwestern university srna class of 2016

    I know of someone in the program. The program is hard like all other programs. If you're not one for traveling then MWU is not for you. My friends has to travel out of state for his clinicals and is often away from his wife and children. Make sure y...
  9. LSU CRNA 2018

    I PM'd you but im not sure if it delivered because I'm a new member.
  10. Baylor & UT Houston CRNA 2018

    good luck to all!!!
  11. Barry CRNA Starting 2018

    good luck to all!
  12. LSU CRNA 2018

    I'm wishing you the best!
  13. LSU CRNA 2018

    The program can be kind of slow at processing so be patient. I'm a current student, feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  14. LSU Crna 2017

    Hello everyone! I'm looking forward to start, only a few months away. Anyone else coming from out of state?