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    Long Term Care Nursing is Lame

    I'm personally not a fan of when people associate "incredible" nursing with psychomotor skills. Yes, critical care nurses are capable of many great things (I am one), but I will tell you that some of the nurses that I work who are particularly skilled in things such as IV insertion are not necessarily "great" nurses. They are handy to have around if I have a patient who needs IV access, but their soft skills need a lot of work. I'm teaching clinical at a nursing home right now, and it's interesting to see the differences between critical care and long-term care nursing. After working with the nurses at my clinical site, I've found that they are particularly skilled at providing wound, orthopedic, and dementia care. As a critical care nurse, I too am competent in these areas but I would definitely not consider them my strengths. Our skillsets are very different. Similarly, I HATE that my hospital floats our critical care nurses to med-surg areas. Their specialized skillset becomes very apparent to me when I'm expected to manage a 6-7 patient assignment (our normal ICU ratio is 2 patients to 1 RN). I've never been one to consider that "a nurse is a nurse is a nurse." It's always been my opinion that nursing excellence is achieved when you have a good balance of things like psychomotor skills, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence in your practice.