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  1. Giving Report and IV Access

    this exactly. Next time someone wants IV details in report I'll say "I don't recall, but they have one that works"
  2. Giving Report and IV Access

    During handoff, in a telemetry unit, the nurses I give report to all want to know where the IV is. What is the point of this? My thought is, it’s either in the right or the left. Probably a 20, and if there was an issue, I would have mentioned it! Y...
  3. Central Valley Hospitals?

    Hi, I am in the Bay area and realize that I might need to look farther out to find a med-surg job. I'm almost at a year's experience of acute inpatient pysch, so not needing a 'new-grad' program, but certainly need a good amount of training. Sugges...
  4. College of Marin Fall 2017

    I think if you enrolled with Phoenix you are automatically registered for the class to begin on the 18th.
  5. College of Marin Fall 2017

    Thank you mgh3478! I need to set up child care for next year, so specifics on the schedule would be really helpful.
  6. College of Marin Fall 2017

    I am pretty sure I'm going to do the Phoenix bridge. Though I haven't done a whole lot or research into it vs the Sonoma program. All it needs to be is accredited, right?
  7. College of Marin Fall 2017

    #45 checking in - got my acceptance letter. Don't worry LA- you're next!
  8. College of Marin Fall 2017

    So confusing! Does that number 43 include the 10 waitlisted from last year?
  9. College of Marin Fall 2017

    Haha, this is Jutta- the one that went to Africa with Dr. M! Hopefully we'll both get in, it'll be nice to see a familiar face.
  10. College of Marin Fall 2017

    Ahh! good luck then! Are you feeling optimistic about your number in the 40's? Also- Weird question- but your user name makes me want to ask- are you the "La" that I took Micro with?
  11. College of Marin Fall 2017

    Do you mind sharing your number? I'm curious because you said this was not your top school and at #45 I think I need 9 ppl with numbers lower than mine to not accept!
  12. College of Marin Fall 2017

    Boo. I got my number and am 45. Anyone know what number they made it up to last year?
  13. College of Marin Fall 2017

    I applied too- when do you think we'll hear back?