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  1. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    Any waitlisters receive news on the waitlist yet? I'm guessing no but thought I'd check in.
  2. Applying to BSN

    Yes, some do place you in a cohort you best fit based on completed and transferable coursework. A couple of schools in my area do this for students with 4 year degrees (but you have to make a special request and it's only if space is available). I am...
  3. UMFK ABSN acceptance!!

    Hi Ryan, I wondered if you could tell me how flexible classes are at Fort Kent for ABSN (online classes). I was recently accepted to ABSN but I live in the Southern part of the state (I have a family and can't move them). Is there any distance learni...
  4. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    I accepted the slot as well. USM is my only option as I can't relocate and UNE ABSN is ridiculously expensive. Here's hoping!
  5. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    Congrats! Great news! That's three on the waitlist so far. Did they offer to consider you for a spot in the traditional/transfer program starting in fall as well?
  6. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2019

    Hi gcano93, Did you ever get off the waitlist? I was waitlisted for 2020 and unsure of what to expect. I'd appreciate hearing about your experience on the waitlist for the ABSN. Thanks!
  7. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    Got my letter and waitlisted, so I feel a bit better. Hopefully a spot opens up. With 50 slots I am sure someone may pursue other options and let me squeeze in. Any other waitlisters on here?
  8. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    maybb, how did you find out you were waitlisted? Did you get your letter in the mail already?
  9. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    Well, I'm definitely sunk (again) green check mark and it seems accepted people have them. This was my final try to get into USMs nursing program. Congrats to everyone accepted. I hope you all appreciate how lucky you are and do very well in the...
  10. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    Congrats. I checked earlier today, but still a green circle. I am pretty positive I may not get accepted. But like I said before, I'll just have to roll with it.
  11. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    It seems far away but today is November 1st and the weeks are going to fly by...we'll know the decisions before we know it! Very exciting! If I don't get in though that will be okay as well; as we all know, ABSN programs have become very competitive...
  12. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    My first choice, too! Yup, December seems to be the month we'll hear. Fingers crossed for us both!
  13. Hi. I was unable to find a discussion thread for applicants for USM's ABSN class of 2020. Anyone else out there patiently waiting to hear back from USM?
  14. Good Economy / Opportunity for Nurses

    I live in Maine. Maine RNs make below the national average for nurses and yes the cost of living is high, mainly due to taxes and inflated rents (in the Portland area). Nearly all professional jobs in Maine are underpaid relevant to cost of living. T...
  15. CNA as a student - should I?

    Do it. In Maine, we take a 3 month course and I have been working as a CNA on an oncology floor for over a year now and I have learned A TON from nurses and other CNA's about basic nursing care that was not covered in an entire 3 month CNA course. I ...