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abcdefghijklacey BSN, RN

Neonatal ICU
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abcdefghijklacey has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Neonatal ICU.

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  1. abcdefghijklacey

    NICU to PP transition

    I should also add that I do not currently work in a delivery hospital. I have my NRP cert and have experience with all levels of respiratory support and codes, but I've never taken care of a baby immediately after birth.
  2. abcdefghijklacey

    NICU to PP transition

    Hello! I'm hoping to gather some insight from current postpartum nurses, hopefully some who have previous experience in NICU. What were the challenges, pros/cons, tips? Anything! My situation: I recently was offered a position for a level II NICU with cross training in PP. I'll have 3 years of level IV NICU nursing experience by the time I change jobs. I have no experience working with adults (other than nursing school and besides the education aspect of parents in the NICU). A bit nervous to swing back into the adult world and have up to 3 couplets rather than 1-3 babies! Thank you!:)
  3. abcdefghijklacey

    Baldwin Wallace ABSN Program 2015-2016

    Congrats Emily! That's awesome. Sorry I haven't checked back here since my last comment, I haven't gotten used to the site yet lol. I was trying to send you a PM but it seems I have to post a certain number of times before they allow me to use the messages. Did you receive the email this past week about the paperwork we have to send in? There's a "next step for accepted ABSN" page on their website that explains the different things we need to do before orientation on August 7th. Admissions also sent some info about a few on campus/graduate housing options a couple weeks ago. I've been struggling to find a place to live because I have a dog and there are not many pet friendly (and affordable!) places that currently have an opening for August. Keeping my fingers crossed though! Lacey
  4. abcdefghijklacey

    Baldwin Wallace ABSN Program 2015-2016

    Hi, Emily! Congrats on your second interview! What I liked a lot about the second interview was that it was more of a conversation and had a 'get to know you better' feel to it. They still asked some interview questions but mostly talked about information on your application and answered any questions you may have. My biggest tip is to be yourself. Be genuine and make sure they understand why you want to be a nurse and provide care for others. They do these interviews several times a year so I feel like they can tell when someone is genuine, or if they are reciting what they think is the right answer to a question. Does that make sense? I hope that's a bit of advice to help you. It only took a day or two before I received a call letting me know I was accepted. Good luck to you and feel free to message me if you want to stay in touch! Lacey
  5. abcdefghijklacey

    Baldwin Wallace ABSN 2017

    Hello! I have been accepted for the class starting in August. I haven't received anything about specific class and clinical schedules yet, but I know it is rigorous and they do not recommend having a job while in school. The interview process is 2-step and if you live far away I believe they are willing to do at least the initial interview over Skype. The people that I interacted with while I was there were all so kind and genuinely love the program and university. I'm excited to start! Have you attended one of their ABSN information sessions? That would probably help answer some of the questions you may have and you will be able to meet some of the advisers and professors. Sorry that I don't know too much just yet, but best of luck to you!
  6. abcdefghijklacey

    Baldwin Wallace ABSN Program 2015-2016

    Hi, everyone! I hope some of you will check back here. I have been accepted to BW's ABSN prorgam starting in August 2017. I was wondering what advice you have, anything you wish you would have known beforehand? Also, what are the clinical rotations like? How much does your class and clinic schedule vary throughout the year, and did any of you have a job? I'm so excited to start and hope to find out as much as I can to try to prepare myself! Hope to hear from you! Lacey