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  1. mrcaldwe

    MD Anderson Research Residency Summer 2018

    Yes I will. Same to you!
  2. mrcaldwe

    Seton Austin TX RN Residency July 2018

    Has anyone been offered an interview for the Dell Seton campus or the SMC campus?
  3. mrcaldwe

    Houston GN Residency programs 2018

    I also completed the pre-screening on March 3rd and have yet to hear back. I assumed they would have finished pre-screening by now. The recruiter I spoke with said there would be an email detailing the current status of your application either way. Hopefully we hear back soon. She said there was 600 applicants so I can imagine it's taking a while.
  4. mrcaldwe

    MD Anderson Research Residency Summer 2018

    I haven't heard anything yet, hoping we hear by the end of the month. I'm from Dallas but I go to school out of state!
  5. mrcaldwe

    MD Anderson Research Residency Summer 2018

    They only had it open for 2 weeks strangely... I don't think they advertise it enough, because a lot of people don't know about it. And I think MDA is one of the few hospitals that offers research as a resident program.
  6. I recently submitted an application for MD Anderson's Research Nurse Residency for the summer cohort. Starting this thread to see if anyone has heard anything and if anyone has heard anything about the program. I am extremely interested in pursing a career in research and this position would be perfect.
  7. mrcaldwe

    MD Anderson Nurse Residency Spring 2018

    Is this application for the residency program that is for BSNs graduating in spring 2018?
  8. mrcaldwe

    St. Jude Summer Nurse Extern

    Has anyone heard back from St. Jude?
  9. mrcaldwe

    UTSW Summer 2017 nurse externship

    Got an email today saying the application packet was under review and would know if I qualified for an interview within 10 days.