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  1. mjm0427

    New Grad Nurse - NIGHT SHIFT ONLY

    I’m a new grad nurse that was just offered a residency position at a hospital where new grads only get night shift. Makes me nervous since I’ve only done a few night shifts during my preceptorship. How do y’all feel about only working night shifts?? Do you get used to it? Any tricks or tips?
  2. mjm0427

    Seattle Children's New Grad October 2019

    For those you that joined Seattle Childrens, how do you like the residency? Is it challenging doing all night shift? Do you know if/when you can potentially swift to variable shifts?
  3. Has anyone gone through the interview process for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma?? If so, what was it like?
  4. mjm0427

    Seattle Children's New Grad October 2019

    For those that got an interview, how was the interview process like?? I applied to the residency program for the February cohort!!
  5. mjm0427

    Georgetown CNL Fall 2017

    I just got accepted today as well! Does anyone know of any other forms of financial aid available other than FAFSA?

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