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  1. PinkVirgo21

    Grady RN Residency Winter 2020

    Also I see that I said Winter 2020 because that is what Grady is calling it, however other hospitals also call this same time frame Spring 2020. Just to clear up some confusion.
  2. PinkVirgo21

    Grady RN Residency Winter 2020

    Sorry for the late reply but I am not sure about how competitive the program is. I'm sorry I can't answer that for you. I do know that they try to hire at least 100 or more. Not sure how many applies. You also don't have to have passed boards first in order to apply, but in order to get your job offer, you have to pass boards and complete all other requirements for the program.
  3. PinkVirgo21

    Grady RN Residency Winter 2020

    I see a post about Grady's summer 2019 residency program but not one for the upcoming winter. I also saw that the summer application was posted on Grady's site on Feb 15, 2019 which means that the winter application may be up in August or September of this year. Anyone know how residency's work in general? For example I don't graduate until December 2019. I have no clue when I am sitting for the NCLEX at this moment. So if you apply in August or September is it just a waiting game? Also what are some of the positions you are looking into applying to? I hear that you get to choose 3 areas. Not sure how they choose you to go into one out of the 3. I am thinking about NICU, Mother/Baby, or a surgical step down unit. I hear that mother/baby and nicu is very hard to get into which is fine. If it's meant to be for me it will be.
  4. PinkVirgo21

    Taking Pre-reqs with nursing classes

    I just got accepted into an ASN program. I don't start the program until Fall 2017. This summer I will be taking Human Anatomy 1 and lab (had to retake since class is too old), a physical ed course, and a research course. After completing these, I will only have Human Anatomy 2 and the lab to complete as a pre-req. I will have to take this along with my nursing course in the fall. Has anyone ever taken pre-reqs with nursing classes? How did it go for you?