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  1. Change in duties at interview

    Hello fellow nurses, I just interviewed for a position at a health clinic. The job was stated as being a referral case manager with behavioral health experience and supervision of staff. At the interview, I was told I will ...
  2. Have to buy a new laptop?

    I worked in homecare in 2003. We used the paper Oasis forms, the office personnel put our forms in for us. I found out I have to get the auths from insurance also. If there is a failure to get or verify auth the company can take back my money. seems...
  3. Have to buy a new laptop?

    I just was offered a homecare RN job here in Pittsburgh. The visit rate is 35. routine, 74. for open. Is that low for pgh? Also they told me I have to provide my own laptop, cell phone and pay for my preemployment physical. There is 2.00/day worked r...