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  1. I've been wanting to get something off of my chest and it's been bothering me for a while. It seems I've had a lot of diffculty getting a home health case the past year, and I'm not sure why. I am not a new grad. I have been in this field since 2018. I worked in NYC and Seattle and in either place I've had far less trouble getting a case there with relatively little experience. I have trach and vent experience with peds and adults. In the past year I lived in SC and currently reside in NC but my experience getting a case here has been a nightmare. I go to meet and greets, waste my time and gas and be told that I'm not a good fit. I know they are usually required but my experience has been to go to a case where there was a need and train right away. Usually I would start work on the case and would only leave if they weren't a good fit for me. The clients here are so extremely picky to the point where it would be near impossible to find a job. It seems I lucked out at my current two cases mainly by the grace of God. I am not saying the clients shouldn't have a say in who is their nurse. It just seems scary how things work here. And I really worry what would happen if either client went to the hospital. I just need to know if I am missing something here. I became friends with a nurse that trained me and she told me how 2 of her friends that moved here have left and one that came from Texas is miserable. The wages I am getting paid for an LPN are great, but at this point I am so emotionally burnt out from the past year. I am not sure if NC is a good fit for me but I've debated on moving back to my home state of TN. I am a little worried how things will work there. I don't see a whole lot of variety of nurses out here. It seems like many of the nurses are older, white, so I am not sure if this is the preference for nurses here. I hate to make this about race but none of the other places I've worked were like that. Sorry if this post was long.
  2. Mintezia

    Will I take a paycut going from LPN to RN?

    I started at $25 and lived in NYC. At that time the salary there was $23-27 for a new LPN depending on where they were working. The staffing agencies paid more but a brutal working experience for me as a new grad LOL. Then I saw it go up to $28 when the pandemic started. I imagine in a place like NYC they probably would pay $30 or more for an LPN with what's going on out there. And it really does seem like the gap is decreasing outside of travel nursing. It's jacked! But I imagine Covid nurses are still doing well.
  3. Mintezia

    Will I take a paycut going from LPN to RN?

    Thanks! I have zero desire to be in any kind of management and I'm not a very patient person so teaching is out. I suppose if I continued in home health that could be one way to get around it. I did see a fair amount of travel RN positions for home health that pay pretty good. I have decided I am going to move back to the west coast. I will probably look into Indiana states' online LPN to BSN program esp since I have lots of college credits. I've been to Miami once for a few days. I am not sure I could live in that state for a few reasons. Some CNA I worked with told me they are phasing out LPNs down there and even RNs have a hard time finding a job. I'm not sure which part of FL she was talking about. Being back in the south made me realize I am not longer cut out for the heat like I used to be.
  4. I have been undecided on whether or not an RN would be worth it for me. I have 3.5 years of experience with trach and vent patients both adults and peds. I currently live in NC where I get paid $29/hr. (I am in the process of applying to a new agency that will pay me $30 after night shift differentials are taken into account). In the past I have lived in Seattle, WA and NYC. I am on the fence about staying here in NC especially since my old job is offerring to pay more including night differentials. There are other reasons too. My current employer told me they will not pay me more should I go get my RN. And I have looked at numerous ads here in Charlotte and it seems I won't be getting paid a whole lot more should I get my RN. In some cases it seems I will take a pay cut. Being realistic here I don't think travel nursing would be an option in my future should I go on for my RN. (I have a cat and am unwilling to part with him) I know getting an RN would be a good option but at least here the wages between RNs and LPNs do not vary much. I've got to factor in repaying student loans and living expenses especially since it is just me. I really don't want to take on debt if my wage is barely going to budge. Would it be best for me to move back to the west coast or elsewhere? And what has been anyone's experience that has gone from an RN to an LPN? Thanks!
  5. Mintezia

    Is this a good home health agency?

    Thank you so much for your response! I really appreciated it. I am currently working on driver's license and with the test being modified I'm certain I'll get it soon. That's literally the only thing keeping me here. I'm lucky I've managed to find a way to work. But pretty soon once I get a car and license I'm outta here. I'm still really upset I wasn't told about the real hours. I made great money in Seattle and had a good standard of living. While there's a lot going on there I am strongly considering moving to the Tacoma area sometime next year. Good to know I'm not being paranoid. I have a good sense of intuition and I haven't always heeded it. The DON was the one playing up the agency who's a different person from the owner. Even though the DON said she liked me I plan on moving on when something better comes along. I think it says a lot about the agency allows such a person to be in that position. Edit: there are other agencies in the area. But the pay is crap and about the other half are visiting nurse only. And since these agencies offer mostly 8 hrs I'd be working 6 days a week if I needed overtime. No thanks!
  6. Mintezia

    LPNs are still good nurses

    Part of this is the reason I've stuck with home health. You are describing one of my former classmates' position. I always feel scared for her and constantly tell her to go into home health. No amount of pay will drag me into that environment. But there are a myriad reasons why some of us start as LPNs and stay ones for awhile. For me I'd have to keep working full time on top of paying living expenses and schooling esp since I don't want to take out anymore. A hybrid school would be ideal but those are hard to come by. There's also prereqs and waiting lists. Honestly school doesn't sound appealing and I'm not sure anything more than an ADN will pay off bc I don't like working in facilities and outside of a hospital (if you are fortunate enough to get into one) the pay between RNs and LPNs doesn't seem to vary that much. I think people glorify the hospital RN a little too much. For me I'm just happy to have a paycheck and still be employable.
  7. Mintezia

    Phasing out LPN

    I highly doubt it, especially with home health agencies. If the home health agencies did try to replace LPNs with RNs one of a few things will happen. 1. Costs to operate will skyrocket making home health unprofitable 2. RNs will either have to accept lower pay or shorter hours They can't find enough nurses, RN or LPN. And with exodus out of certain cities certain places will probably have severe shortages. I'm noticing some positions opening up to LPNs that used to be RN only. Even certain hospitals are hiring LPNs now (I've looked on Indeed and noticed this) The turnover rate is relatively high as well. There's a lot of things contributing to the shortage but I don't see how LPNs can be completely eliminated especially with rising healthcare costs.
  8. Mintezia

    Is this a good home health agency?

    I recently relocated to SC after things went poorly for some months. I also happen to have some relatives here. I used to live here as a kid and frequently visited. But I am finding that a lot of the LPN opportunities are relatively few, low paying and mostly 8 hrs. I'm literally getting paid half of what I used to make in Seattle and NYC. While COL was higher in those places I also saved money. I've managed to find an agency that will pay me around $22/hr. which is the best it gets considering other jobs in the area pay around $17-$19 an hour. I work in home health and enjoy doing that. I am noticing a few things about this agency. Their DON mentioned they can be picky about who they hire and how they have a ton of applicants. I find it problematic they seem to be the only agency that pays fair rates. I also let it be known that I am looking for full time hours. But I had to find out from another nurse that the agency operates on a rotating schedule, and things are first come first serve scheduling wise. I am on a case that is 12 hours and has great need for night nurses. Is this agency good? I was also told by the owner of the company I'd be meeting with him only to meet with an RN (his wife) and the DON. I'm not trying to be nitpicky, but I wonder if I'm right to worry about job security. I only got 18 hrs this week and I'm not sure if I'll be working 36 every other week, which isn't what I had in mind at all. I am thankful I am living with step dad and don't have to cover major bills, but I am also not too keen on living off of him for more than a few months. I've worked for 2 other agencies and have always had a set schedule. I also had to regularly turn down opportunities bc it seemed the agency always needed a fill in for a shift. But this agency seems like it has very limited slots and too many applicants which seems unusual to me. I've already decided I'm going to move onto a nearby major city that's an hour out bc frankly I'm seeing far too many cons to staying here. And there appears to be more opportunities there. Also I discovered I hate living in a rural area. What do you guys think?
  9. Mintezia

    You Can’t Have This Job

    Sorry to hear this is happening. It seems like spots are really limited for this position. Everywhere I've worked they were always short staffed and it wasn't hard to get in even for new grads. There's more opportunities out there. I'm not certain I would have said exactly what that woman said. While she was being a bit upfront I felt there could have been a more tactful way to address this. It also doesn't hurt to have multiple positions in place when finding a job. There's no telling what could happen. You most likely won't get this position since it seems they have a preferred candidate in mind. However even if you did there was a chance the job would not have been a good fit. Good luck!
  10. Mintezia

    Decided not to pursue RN, may leave nursing eventually

    Yea I did. There were several people in each of the classes that came all the way from California. From what I understand about the California LVN program it is even more competitive than the one in upstate NY and pretty much inaccessible if you live out of state. For me getting in was really easy. I happened to do my CNA at the same JC location and any CNA in their program got first dibs entry into the LPN program. I also scored really well on the accuplacer.
  11. I would not let others push you into an RN program. This decision should be something you make on your own. I definitely understand the desire for home ownership, but there are so many things to consider. I would definitely move out of CA for so many different reasons. After that, you'll have to pick an area and stay there for awhile. It will be very important to consider whether you even like the area or are a good fit for it. Also consider the small chance that you may get burnt out of nursing. Should you get a home, what will happen if you somehow didn't have that nursing job anymore?
  12. I have had a tumultous last few weeks. I'm really stressed out today and have been feeling sick for the last 2 weeks or so. But I've decided I have no interest in ever getting my RN. For nearly all of my 2 years in nursing I've been in home health. I've tried out facility nursing in nyc as a new grad and hated it. Home health has been OK for the most part. I've had some bad experiences with some cases. Case 1: 3 yr difference between me and the client. This guy had gone through 4 pages of nurses. Was extremely nasty and manipulative. Case 2: On for about 6 months or so. I was originally supposed to be a fill in. Towards the end my hours started getting sporadic because mom kept 'canceling' my shifts to give to another nurse. This lead me into the next case Case 3: A very good case. The client had a condition similar to muscular dystrophy. My biggest issue was with their dad, who was too handsy. At the time I was too afraid to speak out because I had just found out my room was illegal. Facing homelessness and joblessness in a city like nyc is very scary. And I really didn't want to go back to the shelter. Case 4: I had moved to a new city and took on one case. Even though I was on this case for 2 days nothing went wrong. It was pretty easy except I had an 'accident' when emptying a colostomy bag. For some reason mom was nitpicky. She had a problem with me eating on shift. I always made sure to do my notes and tasks prior to eating and I always cleaned up. Mom mentioned being up during the night. But the second night I was there she stopped answering my texts. These were simple questions and I never bombarded her, but I never came back because of her refusal to communicate with me. Case 5: My most recent home health case. I was there for a year. Client was also a kid. And she was difficult at times. I frequently got burnt out on this case. Mom was interesting. She drank but wasn't overly violent. At the end of my time my client was in surgery for 2 weeks. I never got an updated care plan for my first night back after not seeing her for 9 days. Mom wasn't clear on care and the shift ended horribly. Called out the next night. Mom never apologized and decided that because of 1 bad night I was no longer trustworthy. I never called out and always showed up early. She also fired a nurse because she couldn't take her daughter out to walks. Also the agency was full of flaky people. One of the old supervisors was racist and gave me and other black nurses there a hard time. The new supervisor was nice at first until she started calling me drunk and telling me that she loved me and how beautiful I was, even though she was married. My nursing 'mentors' I also had bad experiences with fellow nurses that would supposedly watch out for me. One of them turned out to be pretty nasty and narcissistic. And the other one was the nurse I mentioned in the last paragraph. I recently moved to the midwest and I'm already on shaky ground. I can't get my references to pick up. I was offerred a job and told EVERYTHING was clear a week ago. I got a text today (training was supposed to be tomorrow for me) saying my references weren't cleared and I wouldn't be hired on (apprently they didn't think one of my professional references aren't what they need) I've waited 3 business weeks to have my license transferred only to go through this. I'm noticing that it's hard for BSNs to find good jobs. I've worked alongside 3 of them at my old home health facility and they all told me they could not get into a hospital. And one of the BSNs here mentioned that RNs don't get paid too well in the hospital. It feels like I've had to fight tooth and nail just to get jobs and keep them in this field. Also, some of the nurses (not all) I've met online and at work are really nasty people. My LPN job was a good opportunity for me since I went to a free program at Job Corps and didn't pay a dime. However, multiple things about the field have worn me down. I've looked at various programs and each time it hasn't seemed like the right decision to go into a program. With this pandemic I think a lot of places especially hospitals will be forced to close. And I'm seeing that some nurses have been unemployed. I'm waiting on a response for a new home health agency. Frankly I really wanted to take a break after everything that recently happened. And I'm finding it gets monotonous. But it seems my lack of good reference and luck will keep me out of any decent job.
  13. Mintezia

    Do Black Nurses Have a Different Experience?

    She also had an investigation against her too. It was a lonely time because I tried to get advice on another forum and got a really nasty response so I deleted the thread. Apparently I was the first one to speak up to the new supervisor. They also had a new director as well. And me speaking up lead to further investigations. Since she got fired the company has had more cases.
  14. Mintezia

    Do Black Nurses Have a Different Experience?

    I'm a bit late but I'd thought I'd chime in. I've been an LPN for two years. I've worked in home health and the facility for a very short time. People often mistake me for an aide because I look young. I was almost 25 when I started working as a nurse, though most of my class was younger than me. I really think that people don't expect young, black females to be nurses, which is sad. And I've not met any other young black female nurses either. I honestly think that the combination of these things have called people to question my judgement or not trust me. At my current home health agency I did have an older, white woman that was racist. When I talked to her on the phone, she was friendly. And I speak really proper too. When I first met her in person she was still friendly but it didn't take long before she started talking down to me. She had also told me that most of the cases were too hard for me except the one starting in two weeks. It was a red flag because at my last agency as soon as I had finished orientation I had no trouble finding work immediately. I remained because I had relocated and really wanted to be in the city. As time went on this supervisor did not get me. She often made a huge deal out of things. When I got my CPR renewed she had tried to tell me that the agency wasn't Red Cross certified (it definitely was) and I was close to being suspended for not having a renewed CPR over that crap. I had to have the CPR instructor call her and have a long chat. When my client was given a new order signed from the Dr. to be put in the care plan, she argued with me over it. When she did a supervisory visit for 4 hours with me and my client she didn't pay attention, was extremely disorganized and rude. She also snapped at me for trivial things. Christmas time I ended up working extra shifts. This woman spent hours harassing me via text. I nearly blocked her. She was a horrible human being. The other nurse, not black and slightly older, did not receive the same treatment as me. However, my old supervisor was hated by all her clients and their families. I remember talking to a friend about her and she suspected she was being racist. It was difficult for me to accept at first but it was hard to ignore the signs. I took a lyft one day, and the driver also agreed. She was eventually fired and apparently treated other black staff similarly. Another black nurse that worked for my same agency had to go to the hospital and was threatened for taking time off for that. Different person, but I truly believe more than one staff had some issues. I happen to live in one of the major cities and was really surprised that staff there weren't as progressive as you would believe. Edit: when my supervisor was fired and replaced, the newer and nicer supervisor revealed to me that my old supervisor had said horrible things about me and that I looked too young to be a nurse. Also my pay was apparently screwed up. I left my agency because things went south with a case and I am moving to a new town.
  15. Mintezia

    New Grad LVN thinking of quitting. HELP!

    Pandemic or not the facility is supposed to have PPE at all times. I smell a situation ripe for a lawsuit. Make sure you have something lined up though. Good luck!
  16. Mintezia

    Is being an lvn really that great?

    Gotcha. Would you have to take out loans for all or most of that? And all LVN/PN programs require you to have a CNA. If GPA is an issue it would be good to try for a program with no prereqs. Good luck!