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  1. Please check out my recent posts on another Bellarmine Accelerated BSN thread. If you have any additional questions, let me know. Do a lot of research and only go to this school/program if it is your only option. You will learn, but the education qua...
  2. Bellarmine ABSN May 2017

    PeachyBSN, they absolutely hire Bellarmine graduates, but keep in mind anyone in the Louisville area will hire basically any graduate from any program. When you talk to Bellarmine on the phone and during their orientation/information sessions, they m...
  3. Bellarmine ABSN May 2017

    As someone who is currently in the Bellarmine Accelerated BSN program set to graduate in May of this year, please please do your research before you decide to attend and drop this amount of money on your education. I rarely speak up about things like...