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  1. Nurses make me sick

    I'm happy to report that most nurses in the US aren't doing it either. Yep, it's abundantly clear that you are not like most of us. I mean "most" of us aren't on a forum condemning a huge group of people (none of which you actually k...
  2. Neuro check: triple flex vs withdrawal

    This is an ancient thread, but still great conversation. :) I have a hunch that the docs are charting triple flexion because they're not convinced the movement is anything more than a spinal reflex that can be stimulated in even brain dead patients....
  3. NIHSS

    I'm learning the NIHSS, and having some problems with terminology regarding "Best Gaze." I hope some of you brainiacs can unravel this for me in simple terms. "1 = partial gaze palsy - abnormality in one or both eyes, but forced deviation is not ...
  4. Olive View - UCLA RN I/Relief Nurse

    I can't figure out how to navigate that website to see particular specialty listings. It just lists "Registered Nurse 2," etc. Anyone know how to better navigate it?
  5. Fresno hospitals?????

    thth21, are you still working there? If so, are you still really liking it? I just applied today.
  6. Vegas ICU jobs

    Not sure what you mean about finding Nevada "scary." I've known travel nurses who have worked in Vegas as well as some who used to work there as regular staff nurses, and they all spoke positively about the experience. It was nursing just like anyw...
  7. Renown Health in Reno, NV

    Curious how folks are liking Renown Regional in Reno. I'm looking to shift gears and move into ICU nursing, which I've not done before. Anyone in the ICU currently?
  8. Vegas ICU jobs

    Wolf at the Door, curious about the reputation of Sunrise that you mentioned. Is that from the nurse perspective or stuff reported by patients who have been there? When I think of reputation, I'm most curious as to whether a hospital would be a qua...
  9. Vegas ICU jobs

    Why ICU? I like puzzles. In dialysis, I've spent years going to every corner of the hospital to dialyze patients, and ICU is by far the most interesting and challenging to me in terms of trying to understand the disease process, therapies, etc. It...
  10. Vegas ICU jobs

    Thanks for the reply, ICUman. I have both of those on my radar. I've virtually walked right into every nursing job I've had without much problem, which was pure luck. Haha. I'm wondering if they will be wanting only nurses with prior ICU experienc...
  11. Vegas ICU jobs

    Hi, everyone. I'm contemplating moving to Vegas this fall from California. I started my nursing career with three years in a large Kindred Hospital (LTAC) along with a couple years in an ER. The last 8 years I've been the Dialysis Clinical Coordi...
  12. RT vs. RN? Is RT a useless profession?

    This pretty much nails it. I'm an RN and never have wrapped my mind around how some RNs get on this holier-than-thou kick. I abhor the memes I see about nurses saying their job is to keep the docs from killing people, etc. It's totally demeaning, ...