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  1. Unreasonable intimidation

    I think your are normal and not alone. I read an interesting posting of "5 phases of admission terror!" :) These are the 5 phases of admission terror. Phase 1 - Euphoria: "Woo-frikin-Hoo Im in!" Phase 2 - Realization: "Holy ****, I got in?" Phase ...
  2. Competitive applications

    You mean UT Health Science Center at Houston? Who said you were not competitive enough? According to their website, admission committees consider a variety of factors when determining admission, but based on past admission classes, the following info...
  3. University of Pittsburgh CRNA Program 2018

    Congratulations! If you don't mind, could you share your stats?
  4. CRNA school: All you need to know

    This posting has really lots of informations. Thank you texanRN0415! I have one question! Did you have CRNA shadowing experiences before apply? Actually I just start to find CRNA shadowing opportunity, but I guess it is not easy.