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  1. nursingsprettycool17

    can level 1 trauma IMCU/SICU Step-down experience get you into CRNA school?

    i understand what you’re saying. but so my next question is: what is the difference between the ER experience that is accepted and IMCU experience that isn’t? I talked to a CRNA that actually works at the level 1 trauma i’m applying to and she said that she never did ICU she just did regular ER and her program accepted it. (she works for the same level 1 trauma that she did her year of ER in.)
  2. I know that some schools accept level 1 trauma ER experience for admission into CRNA school. But do any schools accept level 1 trauma IMCU (Intermediate care Unit) experience? I got a job offer and the way it was explained to me, everything that they do in their IMCU is what my old small community hospital was doing in their ICU. ( 2-3:1 patient ratio, vasoactive drips, A-lines, ventilators, vasopressors) basically we would be getting patients directly from their SICU when they’re “a little more stable”. and sometimes take their patients in case they lack beds on their end. but everything described sounds like an icu setting to me. any thoughts?
  3. nursingsprettycool17

    HCA StaRN contract

    what happens if you break the HCA starRN contract? i hear you’re not allowed to work for any other HCA facility ever again. is this true? what if you pay off the money in full? has anybody ever broken the contract then went off to work for HCA again in the future ? what if you leave as a nurse but then come back to work as a social worker or pharmacist or something, would the blacklist still apply to you even if ur not returning as an RN again? also does breaking a contract look bad to other employers?
  4. nursingsprettycool17

    HCA StaRN residency contract

    if you break the residency contract and leave/quit before your 2 year commitment is fulfilled, will you be automatically considered ineligible for rehire for every HCA hospital in america? what if you pay off the contract in full? will you still be considered ineligible for rehire? has anyone broken the contract and then gotten another job with HCA afterwards?
  5. nursingsprettycool17

    do you get your bsn before your msn in WGU?

    lets say you do an rn-msn program at WGU, will they reward you with your bsn after you complete the bsn portion? or will they only give you your bsn after you complete the entire msn? if so, what would happen if you drop the rn-msn program? would you just leave empty handed ?
  6. nursingsprettycool17

    getting into icu

    do you think a year of med surg and a year of acute dialysis will make a nurse eligible to get into an icu?
  7. nursingsprettycool17

    Night shift and dialysis

    so do you think it would be better to switch to day shifts with my hospital job?
  8. nursingsprettycool17

    Night shift and dialysis

    can you work a 3 day 7p-7a hospital position while doing acute dialysis fulltime? will the schedules interfere with each other? i’m also looking to get an icu job pretty soon. can you do icu training while doing acute dialysis fulltime? both will be 3 days a week. but im pretty sure the dialysis position will exceed 12 hours a shift maybe extend 16-18 hours. is it possible to do night shift and dialysis? not asking for the toll on the body because i can handle 6 days a week but mostly the scheduling aspect of it. does anybody do this or know anybody that does?