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    Input needed

    Hi all! Just wondering what you guys think of this situation I work at a clinic within a hospital. Usually 8-5pm. Took this job for better work life balance and to travel to do races (I do obstacle course racing and ultra running) - I was working 1900-0700 previously on med surg for 3 years I feel enormous pressure to pick up all the time. One time my manager took me into her office to talk because she said my Co-workers said to her I wasn’t being a team player by picking up extra (She even brought up the fact I live close and I should be able to pick up more). I explained to her I couldn’t pick up due to the fact my brother was getting married and we/my family were doing all the planning.. she brought this to my attention the actual week of my brother’s wedding. I was just told to explain to my cow workers the situation (they were more than a aware of it) I’m usually easy going and don’t get mad, but that irked me. I have been coming in early at least 2-3x week whenever I’m working without making a scene or anything (some of my co workers make a scene about coming in early). lastly, I had a patient mention to me he heard my co workers making fun of me. I didn’t ask for details but said they were talking about someone else. just wondering what your thoughts are. This passive aggressiveness and feeling pressure has been taking a toll on me mentally. Thank you for reading!