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  1. Bayfront St. Petersburg

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has worked at Bayfront St. Pete since it went under new management under Orlando Health and what their experience was. Conflicted on accepting a new graduate position there or baycare.
  2. SPC Fall 2019

    Did the link for the self enrollment for the elsevier not work for anyone else? It said I wasn’t authorized to view the link I think they’re referring to the purple workbook, that’s also the only thing I got by Castillo :)
  3. SPC Fall 2019

    Is anyone renting their textbooks?? Are we really going to need them in future semesters??
  4. SPC Fall 2019

    Thanks for all your help!! ?
  5. SPC Fall 2019

    Also Walgreens physical exams are only $30 right now
  6. SPC Fall 2019

    Thank you ?
  7. SPC Fall 2019

    I got my titer results back and was negative for Hep B. I got a booster shot, does anyone know if I have to do the hep B titer again?
  8. SPC Fall 2019

    I have days at northside with Lutocka!
  9. SPC Fall 2019

    I have a copy of my childhood vaccines and I’ve already had hep B, Tdap, MMR vaccines, I had the chicken pox as a kid. I got my titers tested at the health department but haven’t gotten my results back. Am I okay?? How many of you had to get another ...
  10. SPC Fall 2019

    oh no!! How long did your fingerprints take to come back? I am excited too !! ☺️☺️
  11. SPC Fall 2019

    Thank you all for being so helpful!!!
  12. SPC Fall 2019

    I got my drug test/background test results already and do my fingerprints tomorrow!! Thank you! I was just making sure I have more time to do the vaccines/physical. ☺️
  13. SPC Fall 2019

    Drug test and background check are the only things due on the 14th right?
  14. SPC Fall 2019

    Thank you! ?
  15. SPC Fall 2019

    Oh okay thank you!! I called my dr and she told me that most schools have a form to fill out? We don’t have one right?