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  1. RobinRN432

    Well I failed my RN/NCLEX

    I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t pass. I’m not familiar with the NCBSN review however I used UWorld and Mark Klimex to study for the NCLEX. I did all the u world questions and Mark Klimex. Also there’s the pocket prep app with about 900 questions. It also helped a lot. Please make sure to read all the rationales for every single question. The more you do questions the better you get at answering them. All the best and God bless you.
  2. RobinRN432

    They Like The Nurse, But Love The Nursing Assistant

    Being a CNA is one of the toughest jobs out there. I salute all CNAs!
  3. RobinRN432

    Lehman College 2018 Fall Generic BSN/ABSN applicants!

    For Microbiology: What helped me a lot was do go over all her slides. Know it inside and out. And also learn to apply what you learn. Do all the Mastering micro questions and do all the questions she hands out. Go over the study guides. You don't need to read the textbook. It is only for clarification or something you don't understand. Stick to the powerpoint slides and do all the review questions she gives. You'll end up with a very good grade. Hesi: For A&P- use the HESI book and also the pocketprep app that everyone is talking about. Make sure you understand the rationale behind each question when you do the questions. Even if you get it right, go over the questions several times. Hope this helps :)
  4. RobinRN432

    Lehman College 2018 Fall Generic BSN/ABSN applicants!

    Hello, Can you please send me the links as well. Thanks so much robinrn432@gmail.com
  5. I have been researching some accelerated bachelors of nursing programs and I see that some schools offer the blended/hybrid approach. Anyone cares to share the pros and cons on these. Thank you
  6. RobinRN432

    Utica College of Nursing ABSN

    I am applying to the ABSN program at Utica College in New York and I was wondering if any current students are out there and willing to shed light on the program. Also how is the workload like given that the program uses a blended learning approach. I will appreciate it if anyone answers. Thank you