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  1. 1996nurse

    UCSD ER Interview

    Hello everyone! I have an interview with UCSD Emergency Department this week! Has anyone interviewed or have any advice? This is my dream unit as I precepted in the ER at another hospital. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  2. 1996nurse

    Sac State Fall 2017

    It's up now :) @LuckyMoon
  3. 1996nurse

    fall to CSUEB, for 2017 nursing program ??? !!

    @truebluefoo Thanks so much! I really appreciate it greatly! I read that you were considering SacState for Spring 18 & wanted to let you know if you do apply there during the spring, they get way less applicants (almost 200-300) while in the fall they get 400-500. And their point cut off, while still high, is a little lower in the spring! I know you wanted a preceptorship and Sac doesn't have it but just wanted to let you know if you were planning on applying for the spring! :) Thanks again for your help!
  4. 1996nurse

    Sac State Fall 2017

    Hello everyone & congrats to those who were accepted! I am currently waitlisted at #19 and was wondering if anyone who was familiar with the program would know what my chances of getting in are? I also got accepted into Cal State EB's program but I would prefer going to Sac State but EB wants us to accept by May 31st & I don't see the waitlist moving on Sac State's website. When does it usually get updated or start moving? I appreciate all the help!
  5. 1996nurse

    fall to CSUEB, for 2017 nursing program ??? !!

    Hello everyone! Congrats to everyone accepted & for those waitlisted, I wish you the best of luck & stay hopeful! I was accepted into EB's program and my stats were 90 on the TEAS, 900 experience hours, 2nd language, and I'm not sure what my GPA was exactly but I had one B in Anatomy so I think it was around a 3.8 or 3.9. I am also waitlisted at #19 for Sac State's program so if I get in, I will go there (yay for those on the waitlist at EB because you can take my spot!). But for now, I will accept my admission to EB just to be safe but I had a question for the 2 campuses. I'm from Sac so I don't know the area, what is the difference between the Hayward & Concord campus? Are the classes all the same? If someone who knows could let me know that would be greatly appreciated!
  6. 1996nurse

    Sonoma State 2017 Applicant Statistics

    I just submitted my application! Overall GPA: 3.80 so 23.75 points/25 Prereq GPA: 3.867 so 24.167 points/25 Teas: 90.0 so 12 points/15 I am not from the area so I won't be getting those 15 points unfortunately. As of now I have 59.917 points so I'm hoping I can get a 18 or 20 on my essays to put me around 79 points. Does anyone know what the point cut off was last year?? Good luck to everyone applying!