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  1. Could you please tell me about your job? pro's and con's, do you enjoy it, is it easy to move up in the company with that type of position? Thanks so much!
  2. How to become a clinical nurse researcher

    Hi Dear, Have you had any luck? I'm hoping for some tips as well! Good luck to you!
  3. Thank you very much for that information! I really appreciate it! I will consider signing up for the CRA program. Would you mind briefly describing what you do in a typical day? Pro's and con's?
  4. Or if anyone has an online program they'd recommend that may be more relevant. I'm open for suggestions!
  5. Hi everyone! I have 4 years of nursing experience and am considering transitioning to research (with which I have no experience) within the next year or so. Two community colleges near my home offer a research certificate. Community college A offers...
  6. Can I work in a hospital as a FNP?

    The RNFA program was only a week (other than the clinical)? Can you please tell me where you attended? Thanks!
  7. Online ADN to FNP

    Which ones would you recommend? How long are the programs?
  8. Which FNP programs are the shortest?

    What program did you end up doing?
  9. How long is the adn to fnp program?
  10. Types of certifications

    Hello I was wondering if someone could tell me what types of certifications are out there for new RNs. I would like to look more appealing to future employees. I know of acls, pals, wound.... What else is out there for nurses? Thank you!!
  11. Types of certifications

    Hello, I am interested in learning what are all the different types of certifications out there! I would like to look more appealing to future employers, and I believe this will help :) I know of acls, pals, wound.... what else is out there for new...
  12. question for OR nurses !!

    Thanks for for your input! I'm interested in the OR when I finish school; however, I must admit... I haven't quite developed a backbone just yet.
  13. I'm a new grad / OR nurse!

    Awww! This is great to hear. Your post makes me smile! Thanks for keeping us updated! Any suggestions on how to get a job in OR or how to look appealing as a new grad? Also, I hear people say you need tough skin to work there because of the personali...
  14. how exciting!! Will you periodically keep us updated on how it's going?? I would like to start in the OR when I am finished with my program :)
  15. question for OR nurses !!

    May I ask why it HAS to be a must?