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ICUMurse97 is a BSN, RN and specializes in CVICU.

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  1. ICUMurse97

    Can We Talk About Nurse Suicide?

    I spent the first five minutes wondering the same thing. Either way, this story is tragic. It is crazy how much stigma still surrounds mental health even to this day. We all have to support each other and work to not place the blame on the one who committed the error. Instead, we should look at what can be done to learn from the situation mentioned above.
  2. ICUMurse97

    NCLEX: expectation to pass

    I had a similar experience. When I hit the submit button on question 75 and saw that the test was over, I instantly felt a sigh of relief (as cliche as that sounds). I performed well in nursing school and reasoned in my head that it was not possible for me to do so poorly that the test would shut off after only 75 questions. I did think the questions were very broad and sporadic in the material they tested on, and I am also curious to see how the new format of testing goes once it is rolled out.
  3. ICUMurse97


    Congratulations! I have recently passed the NCLEX this past July with 75 questions as well. I have to say that UWorld was my lifesaver and would recommend it to everyone. The reason I say that is just from having the format look so similar to the actual test provided some sense of familiarity and relief on test day.
  4. ICUMurse97

    I failed my patient today- Student Nurse

    Although the error made was minimal, it is good to be cautious because it forces you to always check yourself to avoid errors in the future. Every mistake made in the workplace is an opportunity for you to learn from so that you can provide the best care for your patients in the future. It can be very intimidating and daunting as a student to speak up, but you will continue to build your confidence as you progress further into your career as a nurse.
  5. ICUMurse97

    Which route to go?

    I currently work in the CVICU and really enjoy working with the post-surgical patient population. I have also floated down to the CCU and have enjoyed that experience as well. I like how OUxPhys mentioned that the CVICU is more of a surgical ICU, while the CCU is more of a cardiac medical ICU. Management of both patient populations is very unique. I agree that shadowing in both will give you a better picture on which is the best option for yourself. Also, definitely wait until you work in the ICU setting to get the CCRN. The hospital I am currently at offers a slight pay raise for having the CCRN so hopefully yours does as well.
  6. ICUMurse97

    Where is everyone from in the world?

    Ohio. Currently in my second of six semesters