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  1. Finish your accounting degree then apply for an accelerated BSN program. Take your chemistry and and any other prerequisites at a local community college. Your to close to give on the accounting degree.
  2. RN 2 B

    University of Mobile ABSN 2020

    I don't think there is a separate application you have to fill out to be accepted. What did they tell you on your acceptance letter that you received?
  3. What was the average gpa and teas scores that was accepted in the past classes?
  4. RN 2 B

    Online Accelerated BSN - options

    Texas A&M Corpus Christi has a BSN e-line nursing program. The eLine track coursework is completed online with the clinical component completed with a preceptor in your area (if available) and/or in a regional (i.e. Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston) and/or local clinical groups in Corpus Christi.
  5. Hi I'm thinking about applying for the hybrid program. I will be driving 2 hrs one way. I haven't took the teas yet. Have you got any information about the days you will have to meet? How many do the admit into the program?
  6. RN 2 B

    RN vs Health Information Management

    Thanks for your reply!
  7. Hello, I want to become a RN, but I can't afford to quit my job to go to school full time. I came across the field of HIM. This degree could be taken completely on line. I would like to know would I be wasting my time pursuing this degree? Which field would have more job opportunites RN or HIM? I live in Alabama. Thanks for the advice!
  8. The classes are all offered at night. You have to take 2 placement tests. One to get in the college and another, if you pass, to apply into the nursing program. They will give you a study guide to take the 2nd test. The first nursing class will not begin until June. They are up for accrediation, but it's on a probation period. It's b/c it's a new program. It's very, very, very expensive. The first graduating class will be in 2011 and over $30,000 in debt.
  9. RN 2 B

    Peds at Troy Montgomery

    Are there any members that graduate from Troy Montgomery who can give any advice on passing peds. Alot of students are having a hard time in that area. Any advice will help pleeeeeese. Thank you.
  10. RN 2 B

    Can I sit for LPN board after 1st yr of RN school?

    No you can't. AL board of nursing said that you have to complete an LPN program to apply for LPN license. If you have other questions call the AL board of nursing. I was going to try to sit for my license also since I completed my first year of RN school, so that's how I know.
  11. RN 2 B

    Can You Tell Me Your Story........

    I'm in a RN program and I'm having a difficult time with med-surg. A friend of mine started in the program dropped and went to LPN school because she was having a difficult time with med-surg. Know she is doing great in the LPN program. I was advised that if I wanted to be an RN stay in the program, not go backwards to become an LPN, then try to get in a bridge program. It's difficult. I don't know what to do. I been at this for awhile now.
  12. Have there been anyone who started in the RN program and didn't pass or had problems but decided to go to become an LPN instead and did great? Can you tell me your story?
  13. I would like to know who writes the best med-surg textbook for nursing students? At my school we use Phipps'. The students each semester complains about how they dislike the book and want to change to a different textbook. What textbook do you use at your school? Tell my why you like or dislike your book?
  14. RN 2 B

    Sylvia Rayfield Nclex Course

    Has anyone took the Sylvia Rayfield Nclex course? If so, can you give me your opinion of her course. I read it was a 98-99% pass rate for Nclex. Thanks!!!!!!
  15. RN 2 B


    Have anyone did well in ADN school without any previous hospital experience? I'm lost and I feel as if I try to get in LPN school it will help me, but I had several teachers say it's a waist. I want to be an RN and is in a RN program now. I'm scared that with no experience in working in the hospital hurts me. I'm scared to loose my spot in the RN program, but i've heard some LPN's say that it helps them out alot by going into the LPN program first. Need help, PLEASE!!!!!!
  16. RN 2 B

    RN-BSN Mobility Programs

    Can anyone tell me who has the best RN-BSN mobility program for nurses who already have their associate RN degree? It can be on-line or classroom don't matter.

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