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  1. Reyes1810

    CT-CCNP 2017

    For those who've registered for the background check and the drug screen, did the confirmation emails BOTH say just "background check" I'm over here thinking I haven't registered for the drug screen by mistake.
  2. Reyes1810

    CT-CCNP 2017

    congrats! I'm sure you'll be offered a seat! The rule of thumb is top 20 but I've seen in past threads that it goes further than that often
  3. Best of luck!! Where else did you get in?
  4. Reyes1810

    CT-CCNP 2017

    Lets goo!!!!! Me too!! stats: nursing gpa 3.5 , A in anatomy and 86 teas vi
  5. I saw that a lot of those that got an answer were for other cc's. did you get an email yet? Or a decision?
  6. whats up everyone Teas : 86% A&P 1: A im not sure how to calculate the nursing gpa but I did get an A in A&PII and a b+ in Micro? If anyone knows students who've been accepted in the past and their stats that'd be appreciated

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