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  1. Yeah I think that would be a good idea, the earlier the better!
  2. Where is everyone planning on living during the program? I will be moving from out-of-state and will be looking for roommates (2-3), preferably others also in the program. I've read from previous blogs that a Facebook group will be set up eventually ...
  3. I also got the financial aid information last week. Does anyone know any additional information about the Helene Fuld Health Trust Grant such as amount of recipients, award amount, and other additional requirements/criteria for the grant? Also, how i...
  4. In the letter is mentioned that financial aid information would be sent early fall, so I am guessing we will get that soon after receiving our official letters in the mail. Is anyone else from out of state?
  5. I got my acceptance today via Email! So excited!!
  6. My application still says under review, I interviewed about 3 weeks ago! Has anyone's status changed?
  7. University of Miami ABSN Summer 2018

    Hey, I heard that too. I am applying all over since there are not many affordable accelerated programs near me in Minnesota that fit what I am looking for. I am applying to Villanova, Drexel, Regis University, and UC Denver so far. Where else are yo...
  8. Awesome! It's going to be a long next couple of days then! Did they say if they're sending out the letters via email or regular mail?
  9. Hello Everyone, Is anyone else applying for the Accelerated BSN program at the University of Miami to start in May 2018? I am just finishing up my application now and hoping to submit it in a week or two. I'd like to connect to some others also apply...
  10. Regis University ABSN May 2018

    Hey Everyone! I'm trying to see who else is applying for the ABSN program at Regis University starting in May of 2018. I know it is still early but I am just finishing up my application and waiting for my references. Does anyone know how long afte...
  11. I had my interview as well, like you said, mine was very casual as well. Now all we gotta do is wait! Has anyone heard anything about decisions? What other schools are you all applying to?
  12. Loyola University ABSN Fall 2017 Admits

    Hey everyone, I am also applying for Fall 18 and would love to hear more about the admission process and get insight on the program/clinicals. Would anyone mind sharing their stats? I have a 3.48 cumulative GPA and a 3.51 for prerequisites. I will...
  13. I also have everything in and my interview is scheduled for this coming Tuesday! Good luck with yours! I also read that the interview is used to get to know you better and to provide more information regarding the program. Let me know how yours goes!...
  14. Hey Everyone! I'm planning on applying for the BSN Express program at Villanova University starting in May of 2018! Is there anyone else applying? I have heard a ton of good things about the nursing programs at Villanova and would like to see where o...