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Dg90339 has 6 years experience as a LVN and specializes in Home Care.

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  1. Dg90339


    What kind of SATA questions?
  2. Dg90339

    Clovis Community College

    I want to know has anyone done the RN program at Clovis Community College? How did you like the program? Is the program doable?
  3. I want know has anyone done the RN program at Clovis Community College in New Mexico? How did you like the program? Is this program doable?
  4. Dg90339

    Stanbridge University ADN program

    I cant help you there, sorry:/
  5. Dg90339

    Colorado Community College Online

    Hello. I want to know has anyone taken A&P 1, A&P 2, Microbiology, and Pathophysiology online through ccconline? If yes, how did you like the class/es? What are the assignments due for the class/es? How can I get a A doing these online classes? Thanks in advance for your response.
  6. Dg90339

    Any Other State Like Texas

    What school are you at? I've looked into Clovis Community College.
  7. Dg90339

    Californians with Convictions

    A lawyer I was talking to told me about AB2138. He said by time I apply for my RN that I have a better chance.
  8. Dg90339

    Californians with Convictions

    I was hoping by time I go for my RN it will be 15 years that have passed by and the face that I am a LVN should help my case. I think having my LVN plays a big factor because they can see that I have worked with patients. Can you send me a PM with what I should write in my letter and how to explain my circumstances please?
  9. Dg90339

    Californians with Convictions

    Discguide(4) is the CA LVN disciplinary guidelines attachment. discguide (4).pdf
  10. Dg90339

    Appeal process

    I am scared to go for my RN because I have two expunged assault cases that are misdemeanors. One assault with a deadly weapon and the other assault likely to cause great bodily injury. On a positive note I am a LVN so maybe they will see that I am not a threat to patients. I did have my nursing assistant certification revoked. I have talked to nursing lawyers and they said most likely I'd be put on probation. So why did you accept probation? Do you have a job lined up?
  11. Dg90339

    Expungment. Feeling overwhelmed

    Update: Both my cases have been expunged.
  12. Dg90339

    Appeal process

    Did you get a license without probation?
  13. Dg90339

    Any Other State Like Texas

    I didn't have cases until after I got my LVN license. Luckily, California BVNPT let me keep my license. I have talked to nursing attorneys in California about getting my RN license and they said most likely I'd be put on probation. Florida and Texas are much easier to get licensed in.
  14. Dg90339

    Any Other State Like Texas

    My cases were expunged January 2020.
  15. Has anyone attended Concorde Career College in Jacksonville, Florida for the ADN program? What are the entrance requirements?Are majority classes online? Were the classes hard? How many people are accepted into the program?
  16. Has anyone done the ADN program at Westcoast University in Florida? How did you like the program? Was Microbiology hard in the program? Thanks in advance for responding to this post.

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