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  1. Graceisland

    Does Oxytocin need to be refrigerated?

    No, We do not refrigerate pitocin in any form.
  2. Graceisland

    Nursing career

    Way before nursing school.
  3. Graceisland

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Dad told me the baby was named Froster. With an r? I said. And what are your other kids names? Treer and Springer Gotta give them points for originality.
  4. Graceisland

    Monica Novii Cost

    Can anyone tell me what the cost would be per unit?
  5. Graceisland

    Doula training to get a job in L&D??

    I believe one of the reasons I was hired as a new grad into L&D was that I was a childbirth educator, and a doula, belonged to AWHONN, etc. So the director knew I was really passionate about L&D and wasn't just looking for any nursing job I could get. Doula skills can really be a big help in L&D, especially when you have a pt. come in that wants an unmedicated birth. Lactation training is great too!
  6. Graceisland

    confidence tips needed

    Hi XXXX5. I am a new grad nurse in L&D, so also not experienced, and I feel your pain. I've had days like that, and I just try to tell myself that as long as they don't kick me out (and I feel that I can provide safe pt. care) I am staying! Maybe your charge nurse said what she said because it was the end of a long, tough shift and she was at the end of her reserves. It happens. Try to focus on the positive. I always try to think about what good things happened on my shift, and what new things I learned, and then I go to what things I might do differently next time. Take people's blunt or unkind words with a grain of salt and treasure every positive thing you hear. It's the only way I've been able to survive.
  7. Graceisland

    good shoulder dystocia: suprapubic pressure

    One of the doctors was telling me that it's helpful to visualize which way the baby is presenting so that you can push down on the anterior shoulder in a way that makes it rotate towards the baby's chest. Otherwise, just make sure you're up high on a footstool and pushing straight down just above the symphysis pubis.
  8. Graceisland

    Benchmarking Bladder Management

    Foley catheters

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