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  1. signature dates....

    I am a little confused on what date to put on signatures, like the CAA, careplan, and assessment completion in relation to the ARD. What are the regs on this?
  2. New to MDS.....any advice or tips?

    Thank you for replying!!! I work in a 180 bed facility that has skilled and ICF. There is me and another MDS coordinator. They have split the building up between us so we can keep up with our own patients and their assessments. I am slowly getting th...
  3. Thinking about MDS - advice?

    I am new to MDS. Tomorrow is actually my first day on my own in the position. I'm trying to remember in my head what I need to know that day and do that day. Does it get easier trying to keep all the info together in your head and remembering what ne...
  4. New to MDS.....any advice or tips?

    I have been a LPN for almost 14 years and have a lot of good experience under my belt in several different settings, and just accepted a new role as MDS coordinator at a LTC facility. I have completed a week of training from a very good MDS coordinat...