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Shelly0928 has 21 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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    Tips from experience LTC nurses

    Thanks for the responses. I just wanted to update and ask a few more questions to know if what I experienced was normal.. 1- I showed up for a 4 hr orientation ( prior to working my actual 8 hrs to follow), spent time following a nurse, getting a high level overview of the point and click system, layout of the unit, giving meds and then, boom. On my own after getting a covid test ( after 4 hours on the unit , sigh). 2-No intro to others on the floor so I didn't really know who was who, I didn't even know who my CNA was. CNAs do not even put vitals in .. 3- No report given, so I surmised health hx by the meds taken. 4- 80 % of residents looked the same- scary during med pass.. 5- Residents wandering hall, and approaching me at the med cart while I was trying to pull meds for patients I didn't know, and couldn't distinguish from photos to ask me for coffee. 6- Going to give meds to find residents no in their rooms. Put their meds back in locked cart and continued with next on the hall. 7-Call bell ringing off the hook and no one answering it except me, I answered for fear of someone really needing help. Is this normal or was it just a crappy unit?? Walked in praying I didn't kill anyone. Walked out praying I didn't kill anyone.
  2. Shelly0928

    Tips from experience LTC nurses

    Hello all. I have been a nurse for almost 21 years, in a variety of settings ( pacu, OR, L&D, ER, corrections, M/S and management). I am picking up shifts with a local agency in my town and will be going to a LTC setting for the first time ever. I have worked in a corrections infirmary as the only nurse on NOC, with 12 patients to give meds to and no CNA so I don't anticipate that LTC will be much different in regards to meds/vitals management, but again, I am on here because I don't know.. The facility that I am going to appears to get high ratings and is staffed ( supposedly) with a 1:15 ratio on each unit, and 2 CNAs and a bath aide one each unit. Any tips for this old gal to help make my shift a bit more manageable? Thanks in advance!
  3. Shelly0928

    Want to move to FL

    Hi all. Just seeking your perspectives here. I want to move to Florida from the Pacific NW. I am a nurse with 20 yrs experience mostly in outpatient surgical services. I thought about taking a travel job to get down there, but with all this uncertainty thanks to COVID, was afraid that an outpatient gig might get canceled if elective surgeries stop, and then I would be stuck. Ideally, I want a change anyway, so am thinking about hospitals and a different specialty all together. Would you 1-take an agency job to get to the desired location. 2-apply to hospitals and wait for an offer, then move. 3-or, just relocate, and find something once you get there? I do not have kids to worry about, but I always thought selling a house is better to do in the Summer time because of school calendars. Any feedback appreciated!
  4. Shelly0928

    Profitable Nurse Businesses?

    Hi, I know this thread is from last year but I am interested in learning more about teaching BLS, ACLS, PALS as well. Michelle.mattson@outlook.com
  5. Shelly0928

    Scared? What to do?

    Greetings! I am seeking some advice from my peers. I am 50 years old, and have been a nurse for 18 years. The past several years ( 10) I have worked in a mainly clinical director type role, although I have had the need to throw on scrubs and jump in to help frequently without any issues. My most recent job has ended, due to company struggles, and I am re-evaluating my life at this point. While most of the past 18 years in nursing have been in some form of an outpatient surgery environment, I am using this transition period to determine where I go next? Do I use this opportunity to try something new? The idea of working 12 hours shifts again and having a few days off does appeal to me, but I am not sure if I want to continue to do the same type of work...Pacu has been my mainstay and area of most comfort, but I can also do preop, and the OR circulating. I am not keen on taking call.... At 50 years old, I consider myself extremely active, I work out 5 days per week... But working out and "working" a 12 hour shift are totally different things!! With this opportunity to " reset", am I too old to go back to the hospital? Do I stick with what I know? I know it sounds kind of silly to say a fairly seasoned nurse is scared.. But I am... Thoughts to consider about a change of field? Any suggestions of areas that might be worth considering would be helpful.