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Retired...public health, primary care
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batsek2013 has 56 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Retired...public health, primary care.

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  1. batsek2013

    Aging is Not a Disease: National Senior Citizens Day

    Just to emphasize what I think of this article.......the article writer is correct in my opinion. Aging is not a disease although it can be accompanied by various diseases depending upon the person being discussed. Aging cannot be prevented but the ...
  2. batsek2013

    My Life as a Nurse

    I, too, worked in case -management for several years and enjoyed it. In fact, I helped convince our large health department that we needed NURSE case managers, not clerical non-medical case managers for our complex patients of all ages in a county pr...
  3. batsek2013

    Celebrate Nurses Article Contest - You Pick 3 Winners

    So who won this writing contest. Polling is closed but I have not been able to find the winning articles designated. I am sure others who entered would like to know who won. Thanks, Judy B. Smith
  4. The mother who is also a nurse says," Get up ! No bleeding, no broken bones, no throwing up.....you have to go to school!"
  5. "I did my time in the hospital", I reply when asked what kind of nurse I was. You see, I am a retired nurse with approximately 50 years of experience, primarily in public or community health. During the 60’s in my BSN program at the University of Ten...