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  1. Northern Illinois University BSN

    Original post was a while ago but I graduated from the program several years ago. I had a great experience. I applied to 3 new grad positions/residencies and was offered all 3. Most of my good friends had their 1st choice jobs in whatever specialty t...
  2. RNC OB?

    I took it shortly after I had 2 years of experience. I took a prep class that is local to the state I live in. I took the test the morning after the last day of class, just so it all was fresh. I had an AWHONN Perinatal Nursing book I had been casual...
  3. New grad nurse

    It might have just been a hard time of year to apply. Most new grads start in August, so if hospitals only hire new grads during their specific start times (which many of the ones I'm familiar with do), then the next window really isn't until after t...
  4. Holiday Bonus

    I work at two hospitals and both give annual bonuses. My full time place does an annual bonus, though it's soon after the financial year is over (which ends June 30th), I forget it's something like $300 for a full timer 40 hours a week before taxes. ...
  5. Gift for new grad L&D nurse

    Oh my other comment has to be approved by a moderator but I think I put the wrong link for that second mug. It's Blue Ridge Engraving on Etsy that does some cute personalized engraved yeti mugs which make great gifts. I found them after a coworker h...
  6. Gift for new grad L&D nurse

    An engraved cup/mug from etsy is always nice. My friend gave me this one for a gift: At your Cervix Mug Personalized OBGYN Gift Stainless Steel | Etsy Also this seller is amazing and does really nice engraved yetis and can do all sorts of personali...
  7. WIll I hate Ob-gyn nursing?

    Unless that's the only OB place around where you need to work or something, I'm not sure why that would exclude working in OB. The stuff you describe is environmental and could go on in any unit.
  8. Help! L&D vs Mother-Baby...which do I choose?

    If you like that sort of environment or looking to get into MFM, L&D is a great way to go. I work in L&D and love it. I would like to add though that you mentioned in another post that you feel a strong pull towards working with babies, and ...
  9. OB online courses/edu opportunities

    I became a doula while I was in nursing school (via DONA International) and then volunteered through a non-profit to offer labor support to women regardless of means. I was attracted to the idea after I worked with a doula my first day in L&D cli...
  10. Ratios

    We are 1:1 most of the time for most patients, provided staffing allows. Stable antepartums maybe 1:2. Sometimes if it's busier, early labors get paired up. Once in a rare while 1:3 stable antes. When stuff has to get paired up, charges are pretty th...
  11. On-call requirements

    I work at 2 hospitals and neither has call requirements. The one I've been at longer, until about a year or year and a half ago, we had 4 hour shifts that were mandatory, anywhere from 1-3, rarely 3, mostly 2 4-hour shifts per 6 weeks. The amount of...
  12. Labor and Delivery Staffing Question

    I work for two L&D units, both level III LDR who also house antepartum, care for many high-risk patients, but aren't as busy as yours - both probably average around 3500-4000 deliveries a year. Both are pretty excellent at staffing appropriately ...
  13. I started as a new grad in L&D. I did start where I completed my OB clinicals, and I heard later a couple of staff members did remember me and had good things to say. I was a volunteer doula in nursing school so I think that helped my application...
  14. U of MN DNP FNP 2018

    I got my response on Thurs morning (2/8) for Women's Health DNP via email. The email surprised me a bit, since I was told in the interview that notification would be by letter.
  15. How do I get into Labor delivery?

    Congrats! :)