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  1. Alynnhutch

    Please help fellow NMicans! *Carrington college question*

    Oh I just saw. Too far away unfortunately. I live in Belen. Thanks though! :)
  2. Alynnhutch

    Please help fellow NMicans! *Carrington college question*

    Awesome. Where is that?
  3. Alynnhutch

    Please help!!

    Oh man thanks!
  4. Alynnhutch

    Please help!!

    Hey guys I moved to NM 2yrs ago from VT and hate it lol I enrolled in Carrington college RN program because they said they were accredited. They are NMBON accredited and Dept of Ed accredited as well as regionally but not NLN or CCNE..We are looking at moving to CO when I am done school but now I am freaking out since CC is not nationally accredited. Will I even be able to find a job in CO?!? CNM and UNM are not options because they have huge waiting lists. Thanks!!
  5. Alynnhutch

    Brookline College

    How did it go? I am looking at Brookline now! :)
  6. Alynnhutch

    Carrington College HESI A2

    How did it go?? :) I am looking at Carrington college now but keep hearing bad reviews
  7. I'm looking at Carrington college for nursing because UNM has a long wait list is what admissions said and CNM only takes a certain number as well. Have any of you graduated from Carrington?? And did you find a job? I have had horror stories and positive but nothing from NM. Thanks! :)
  8. Alynnhutch

    Carrington college?

    Has anyone here successfully gone to Carrington college? I am looking at CC because the two college's near me have huge wait lists for nursing. Thanks! :)
  9. Alynnhutch

    Please help anyone.

  10. Alynnhutch

    Please help anyone.

    Thanks so much! I will look into all that! :) Yeah I am ok with commuting I just have 3 kiddos so I don't want to travel more than an hour one way :) But if I have to in order to get this done...I will! :)
  11. Alynnhutch

    Please help anyone.

    Hey guys sorry for asking another question. I live in New Mexico. We moved here 2 yrs ago from Vermont. I am looking at going to school for Nursing, but the college's near me are CNM and UNM Valencia campus. Valencia campus only admits 16 people a year to the program! And CNM has hundreds that apply and only 70 make it. I can't afford to move so I'm lost as to what I should do. I've been a stay at home mom for the last 10 yrs and have wanted to do nursing since high school. Are there any programs anyone knows of online? I'm sure there is not but I'm getting desperate lol. Also, where in the world do I find CNA training? I've called all over and no one has a answer lol. Thanks guys! 💗
  12. Alynnhutch

    Please help!

    Hey guys. I have always wanted to be a nurse but was always too afraid to take the leap. I have 3 kiddos, about to turn 32 and my husband has his GED but we can't make ends meet so I am going to help life some weight off his shoulders and get into what I love doing. Helping people. My question is, I am SO afraid to fail...I was never good at math so I worry about that but I also worry about flunking the skills test. Is there a ton of math in school? I feel like I will get nervous and bomb skills test or school in general. Not sure I am smart enough for this lol. Also, once you become an LPN, do you have to take classes every year to stay licensed? Thanks! Signed, Neurotic mama 😂