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  1. I got accepted into College of the Canyons and Moorpark college for the ADN program. They are both equidistant from me and I don't know how to compare the two. I have a friend who went to Moorpark for her ADN and she speaks wonders of it but I don't know any one who went to COC but I know it is generally a good school. Any any advise on which school I should choose?? Please help!
  2. I don't know if this is wrong, but I think I heard somewhere that Pierce's acceptance is heavily based on a lottery. I don't think the selection process is all lottery, but if you have a low teas score/gpa, you have a higher chance getting into Pierce.
  3. Anatee

    Moorpark College ADN Fall 2017

    Do do they email or call you? Or do you just have to wait for a letter?
  4. Anatee

    Moorpark College ADN Fall 2017

    Did you apply anywhere else??? I also applied to moorpark, college of the canyons and pierce. my stats: AA degree and a BS from ucla overall gap (including ucla) is a 3.7 prerequisite gpa is a 4.0 overall ATI teas score was also a 90.7 bilingual need to work I didn't calculate my score though. Are you interested in any bridge programs?? I really want to just go for a BSN but I hear you can work and have your employer pay for it. Have you done any research on a BSN?
  5. Hello! I took the ATI TEAS this past February 28th and I'd like to share some study tips that I think are useful. Overall, I got a 90.7% Breakdown: Reading 83% Math 100% Science 95.7% English and Language 83.3% The study materials I used were: ATI TEAS Secrets by Mometrix Official ATI TEAS Study Guide I also purchased the 2 practice tests on the ATI website ($88 for both, ouch). I searched online for reviews comparing both Mometrix and Official ATI study guide but I couldn't find any good information. For the reading section, I think the ATI study guide does a good job informing you of what you need to focus on and what you need to know. I am personally disappointed with my reading score, but I was really nervous in the beginning of the test, and I was having difficulty focusing. There were quite a few passages to read and each passage was about 4-5 paragraphs long. Definitely focus on understanding the theme, tone, and purpose of a passage. Also, study what information is found in a Thesaurus, Almanac, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia. Mometrix provided good information for this section, but I definitely could have done without it it. For the math section, I also think that the ATI study guide is enough to prepare you for the real exam. The math section had quite a few questions requiring you to use your knowledge of ratios, proportions, percentages and solving for single variables. Know your order of operations well, and take your time reading the word problems. Know the relationship between rate, time and distance (rate x time= distance). Every conversion question provided you with the information (ex. 1 yard = 3 feet), but you should know that 1 ft= 12 inches and know all the prefixes in the metric system (ex. 1 hetometer = 1,000 meters). The ATI study guide has a lot of examples and I found that the Mometrix math section had a too much unnecessary information. The science section was not as difficult as I was expecting. To study for this section, I would highly recommend using the ATI study guide to see the specific topics you need to study, and then using a combination of the internet, old Physio book, or Mometrix study guide to help you remember some details. For example, for the endocrine system, the ATI study guide mentions the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and others glands, but it does not go into detail. I can recall at least three-four questions regarding specific hormones and glands. Pay specific attention to function/secretions of the excretory system, physiology of muscle contractions, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, layers of the skin and types of cells found in it, and the basic anatomy and function of all 11 organ systems. As far as life science, scientific method, and chemistry, I think the Mometrix study guide was sufficient. The English and Language Usage section part of the test was a little tricky. Unless you're a grammar wiz, do not overlook this section. There are many grammar/English rules that many of us forget about because we can usually tell when something "doesn't sound right." On the test, questions regarding grammar will be very specific, and our taken-for-granted spell-check will not be available. The ATI study guide did not go into great detail in this section, so I would strongly recommend using outside sources to study for this part. In my opinion, the most valuable study tools were the ATI study guide and the ATI practice tests. My actual score on the exam was the same as the first practice test I took. The practice tests are in the same exact format as the real exam and they give you an excellent feel for the type of questions that are going to be on the actual exam. Even though the Mometrix study guide came with three full practice tests, I didn't think many of the questions were well-written or relevant. If you're in a rush, the ATI study manual gets straight to the point and tells you the exact topics you will be tested on. Some of the topics do require outside research, but Even though Mometrix had amazing reviews on amazon.com compared to the ATI study guide, I sometimes found the Mometrix study guide difficult to follow and the explanations for certain topics were out of order and a bit confusing. I really hope this helps! Good luck to everyone taking the TEAS soon!!!
  6. Anatee

    TEAS 6 Advice

    Thank you for the information! I have a couple questions regarding the study material. How ow does the Mometrix Secrets to ATI TEAS compare to the official ATI TEAS study guide? I have been studying from the mometrix book and I plan on purchasing the online practice tests on the ATI website. Do you think that'll be enough or should I also purchase the official ATI study guide?? thank you!

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