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  1. Portage Learning / Nutrition

    I'm taking this course and it happens to be incredibly hard. Can anyone provide insight into some study methods? Most of the testing is fill in the blank, and much of material isn't covered in the video lectures. Would appreciate any advice!
  2. InEmory Spring 2022

    Can you share link? I just searched and I didn’t find!
  3. InEmory Spring 2022

    Hi @tnga2021! Do you know how to make a facebook group? I’ve never done that before but would love to be a part of one!
  4. InEmory Spring 2022

  5. InEmory Spring 2022

    Totally understand where you’re coming from, I got waitlisted from my other option that was supposed to start this August. It’s frustrating, but I bet a spot will open up. It seems like they tend to according to past threads.
  6. InEmory Spring 2022

    I got accepted! So excited! Does someone want to start a cohort page on facebook?
  7. InEmory Spring 2022

    11 more days until we found out! I can hardly wait any longer.
  8. InEmory MN - Spring 2022

    Sure! I went to Georgia State for undergrad, graduated in 2013.
  9. InEmory Spring 2022

    That's amazing - Congrats! When did you apply? Confused why some people are hearing earlier + others on July 16th!
  10. InEmory MN - Spring 2022

    Cool, nice to meet you! Also from GA, undergrad in Religion. Have worked at a non-profit involved in the homeless community and at a church over the past few years!
  11. InEmory MN - Spring 2022

    Does anyone want to share what they're most excited about with Emory? Or what background you're coming from? I know with this program we're all second degree students!
  12. InEmory MN - Spring 2022

    ME TOO - so far away! I'm glad we may hear sooner.
  13. InEmory MN - Spring 2022

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up! Can I ask when you submitted your app?
  14. InEmory MN - Spring 2022

    Hi Allyssa, I'm sorry I'm not looking for a roommate but did you already get your acceptance? I've been checking every day but my application still shows "Received."
  15. InEmory Spring 2022

    I called and they said admissions wasn’t rolling and that we will hear back on July 16th. So interesting that some of you have already heard! Did you have family members attend Emory?

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