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  1. Metzl034

    New grad (MSN-CNL RN) job search

    I don't graduate until next year, but I am contemplating moving to Hawaii for a year or two post-grad and am doing some very preliminary research. I've read on the boards that new grads struggle to find RN jobs in Hawaii and it makes me nervous. I'll graduate as an RN with a generalist MSN degree with a CNL certification as well. Should I anticipate any real advantage to having a master's in the hiring process? I've also seen people recommend going the agency route, which I have yet to explore--if anyone has agency experience in Hawaii, please share! Thank you in advance!
  2. I've already accepted a spot elsewhere, but wishing you all the best of luck during this wait time!!! Hoping you all hear great news soon :)
  3. Metzl034

    Rush University GEM Fall 2017

    Anyone know if there's a Facebook group for our cohort?
  4. Metzl034

    Rush University GEM Fall 2017

    I'm definitely going as well!! I'm waiting to hear from a couple schools still, but I prefer Rush over both. I've been doing some very preliminary research into housing and it's so overwhelming as someone not from the area... so many neighborhoods and such. I have friends in/from the area so I'll definitely have to use them as a resource. So excited :)
  5. Metzl034

    Rush University GEM Fall 2017

    Got accepted about 15 min ago!!!! I am thrilled. Fingers crossed for all of you guys! Update once you hear :)
  6. Anyone know how many people were interviewed and how many spots are open?
  7. Metzl034

    Rush University GEM Fall 2017

    I'm getting anxious, too!!! I'm keep mentally reviewing EVERY aspect of my application/interview and I'm going nuts. I think at First Look they said they went something like 42 people deep into the waitlist last year??? So I'm really hoping to not get rejected outright and at least get a decent spot on the waitlist if nothing else....
  8. Metzl034

    Master of Nursing U of M 2017 Cohort Applicants

    No interview for me. I was a mess upon finding out, but literally 20 min later I received my acceptance to University of Arizona's MSN program!!! I'm still waiting to hear back from Rush and UIC after my interviews, and from Marquette, but no matter what responses I get here on out... I'M OFFICIALLY GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL :) Good luck to those who did receive interviews!
  9. Metzl034

    Master of Nursing U of M 2017 Cohort Applicants

    Hi guys, still waiting to hear back on interviews.... called today and they haven't sent them out yet. I went to UMN for undergrad and the U is my top choice for grad school, though I've applied to four other schools. I'll be happy to be accepted anywhere, but am REALLY hoping for acceptance at the U. I've had interviews already for three other schools (one doesn't have interviews) and will being hearing back from schools starting March 3rd. UMN needs to hurry up, it's killing me waiting!!
  10. Metzl034

    University of Arizona HESI A2 stats

    I scored a bit over 96% with 96s across the board with the exception of a 98 in one subject (can't remember which)... hoping my scores will balance out my not-ideal GPA! I had a Skype interview on Saturday.... anyone know when we will hear back??
  11. Metzl034

    University of MN Master of Nursing Fall 2017

    Called today and they haven't sent out invites yet!! Awhile back someone at the college of nursing said it would be "by the 24th". It was whoever answered the general call line so I'm not sure how accurate that is/it may have changed.... but I'm hoping we do hear back on or by the 21st!