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  1. Online at https://secure.trainingcampus.net/uas/modules/trees/windex.aspx?rx=nihss-english.trainingcampus.net. You do it every 2 years. Every other year is a new test and you can actually understand it better from each certification period. My hospital was stroke certified. There is I’m sure other certifications as well that you probably pay for. This certification is free. Good Luck
  2. Nur7138

    New LVN Med Sure Nurse

    Ok report is just a summary of each pt. Notate what is main diagnosis and why they are there. Check orders a couple times especially after they come in for rounds. If you have a unit secretary they put them in, if not fax to pharmacy and note them It’s just a system you are going to be fine. You be a pro before just know everyone started out at some time. Most patients want to be left alone or medicated just go in ask them if they need anything and treat them good always tell them to call you for anything they will love your caring nature. Good luck. I wish I could tell you everything on here but that’s a lot of stuff. Your going to be great!!
  3. None of us get paid what we are worth. Managers at a fabulous and I mean a fabulous gas station makes as much as some nurses. So sad.
  4. Nur7138

    BON and alleged verbal abuse via pt

    You can’t judge until you worked it. Regardless you can not hurt yourself for your job it’s a job. They will not care of you if hurt your back or other areas. These d facilities need to address the safety of their staff. In our job description it never says lift 400 lbs. I love all my patients first and foremost but they got to know your not Ironman nurse. Don’t back down and go get your job description. You only apologized for her discomfort and that was the right thing to do that does not accept blame. You just have them see what you do it’s a lot. I love my CNA and appreciate them. For the people that don’t relate you don’t know. Take care
  5. I can say it is very stressful but try and stick it out for at least a year or go PRN. Please listen to me you will regret it. Yes after the complete year, try a different type of nursing job. There is no answer, it’s what you like and most important is what makes you a good nurse. There is a perfect job but you probably won’t appreciate it until you don’t have it anymore.
  6. Nur7138

    The Enemy... The Nurse Manager

    The nurse manager I have is amazing. She is a floor nurse and always works around our schedules. There around 10 full time then part time and float pool. You have to give your nurses their days off they ask, they have a life you need to stand up to upper management and tell them. Nurses have options and respect their lives as well. You get paid the big bucks to be a manager.

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