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  1. So I know it's an over-asked question and I've read several how-to guides on the subject, but I still come up blank. I've had three terrible interviews and no job offers, and I'm running out of positions to apply for. Anyway, most guides say to use this as a chance to sell yourself and talk about how wonderful you are, but my view of myself has been in the toilet my whole life. When I try to think of positive things to say, it's basically about how caring I am and how I want to help people...aka what every nurse is going to say. But other than that, I feel like I'm lying. Energetic? Sometimes, but not consistently. Cheerful? Same. Positive attitude? Obviously not about myself. When I talked to my husband about it, he said that I'm basically afraid that I'll be "found out" if hired, and that really is how it feels. I try to be honest amd thats clearly not working for me. (Who wants to hire the nurse who has nothing to say about herself?) I feel like if I say the things nurse managers want to hear, but then they see that's not really me if they hire me, that would be worse. I'm sorry for this post. I'm feeling lost and incredibly depressed.