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  1. joan jaeger

    Travel nursing with Ventura Medstaff

    Has anyone traveled with this company and what are your thoughts? Is there a company you would recommend and why?
  2. joan jaeger

    Soledad vs San Quentin?

    There are RN openings at both. Which is better/worse? Tell me about them please.
  3. joan jaeger

    Correctional Nursing Salary

    Hi, I work corrections in Washington state and make between 60,000 - 65,000 annually. The benefits are good, and there's lots of overtime. I make less than local hospital nurses but make more than nurses in small rual areas. I'm glad I made the switch to correctional nursing. I was burned out in a level three trauma center running my tushie off all day long. Though I would bet it makes a difference on the correctional facility, some can be scary. jj
  4. joan jaeger

    Here we go!!!

    I hope you like Bothell, I live very near there and assume you'll be at Evergreen Hospital. It's a very nice place to work. Let me know if you need any Seattle advise. JJ
  5. joan jaeger

    Need Info On Your Job!

    Hi, I'm a correctional RN working in Washington state. I left a level 111 trauma center working a locked psych unit and made the transition to correctional nursing which I found easy to do since I've always been security mindful. I feel much more safe working in a prison and see much less staff assaults. Personally I don't do any hands on during a show of force which is so nice. I mainly give out psych meds and help in the infirmary triaging various medical senerios. We see our share of chest pain, broken bones, and illnesses. I'm very glad I made the switch to correctional nursing.
  6. joan jaeger

    What are you doing since you left the "bedside"

    I started with a career counseling course at a community college. Then took computer course (paid by unemployment). Transition is a process. I'm not done yet, but feel I'm on the right path. Taking the first step is scary. Happy trails... jj