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  1. CarterHolly

    Smelly residents

    I find how you present things is important. Don't ask sweetly saying, "Ms Jones, would you like a bath??". Nope. I say this is what we're gonna do, come on let's go. They might balk about it or whatever, but it's other's rights just as much not to smell filth! Sometimes you gotta treat them like a 2 yo. I'm sure someone won't like that. That's fine, but I'm being truthful
  2. CarterHolly

    Med error

    Very seriously doubt he suffered any long-term consequences. Lots of things have antectodal evidence that never comes to fruition in most settings. If he'd have tissue necrosis, or whatever, pretty sure you'd have been contacted by now. Just take as a learning experience
  3. CarterHolly

    Hospice nursing to oncology inpatient?

    Hi, I've been a home health hospice RN for the last 10+ years. I've dealt with every cancer probably known to man, but being in hospice obviously we haven't administered chemo etc. In home health we did a lot of at home long-term ABX and even some 5FU takedowns, but no chemo. Is this a good choice? I'm burnt to a crisp after going on 11 years of driving two counties, hospice/home health charting, and call! I'd love to be back in a 12 hr/3 day a week position with the same population I'm used to dealing with on a daily basis!