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  1. MDS Cheat Sheet

    I did not get a link - sorry.
  2. New to MDS.....any advice or tips?

    Part 2: Our long term residents are either Medicaid or Private Pay - so the only the OBRA assessments are required: Entry, Admission, Quarterly, Significant Change, Significant Correction, and discharge/death (I think I remembered them all). The A...
  3. New to MDS.....any advice or tips?

    I work in a 40 bed Skilled Nursing/Long Term Care facility - I coordinate the ARD dates with the Therapy Director because our RUG scores are based on therapy minutes - for Medicare & Managed Care. I'm not sure if it works the same for ICF patie...
  4. MDS Cheat Sheet

    Is there a MDS Cheat Sheet for Assessment & Interview? I am working as Coordinator for last 6 months. I was trained by the previous MDS coordinator, learning on the job & now finally reading through the RAI manual. Thanks!