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  1. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    I am enjoying the program. I am currently in pathophysiology and research, a lot of reading and studying but is very doable!
  2. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Hello everyone! Would you all be interested if I start a FB group? Or would you all prefer to just communicate through "allnurses". I am also curious about the Is there anyone who is paying out of pocket? I like how we are able to set up payment p...
  3. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Hello All! I was having troubles logging in with the limited information sent to me. I had to call IT which was soooo helpful. I am exploring the portal now. I have already filled for FA, awaiting that reward. I am also about to register for research...
  4. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    @dcabrera Congratulations to you as well!!! Did you apply for loans through the school? Or privately? Please keep me up to date on what you will receive and so forth so that way I can know if I need to consider that route. I am not a NICU nurse, howe...
  5. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    @kaylee I paid my deposit last Friday, and I also received the email in regards to receiving the information packet in November. I know patho and research will be the first two classes to take. I am very excited for patho! Research, no so much lol. Y...
  6. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    The laughing emoji should be a smiling emoji in my last post. I can’t edit the post lol Are you all paying out of pocket or paying with loans? I want to pay out of pocket and save my loans for my PhD program I’ll do after.
  7. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Thank you so much!!! Yes, I totally agree with you, I hope we all three can be great resources as well. Because the information is VERY limited! Have you joined the 2019. FB group? I have joined and was able to find out about classes and ask come que...
  8. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Yay!!! Great news ?I wasn’t expecting an admission decision this early either, I’m also very excited to start this journey!!! Are you going to pay out of pocket or use loans?
  9. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    @Msmedic68w @kaylee I just received notice that I was ACCEPTED!!! I am beyond excited and grateful to GOD!!! @kaylee Check your email....
  10. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    In reference to the past forums including the 2019 forum the MSN route students found out in December. So I am assuming we will know in a month after the deadline. Yes, you are correct we do all start at the same time. I joined the 2019 PMHNP FB grou...
  11. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    @kaylee yes! I, too, am applying to the regular MSN route. I figured the time line difference was due to the different application tracks. I pray we get accepted! Where are you currently working? Do you know anything in detail about the program? I kn...
  12. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Okay, great! I have ICU experience, but of course deal with a lot of psychosis, psychiatric medical management, and different mental diseases. My BSN GPA is a 3.19 due to previous courses I took at the university a couple years prior to doing my BSN....
  13. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Okay! What date did you have all of your documentation and transcripts in? Do you have previous psych experience?
  14. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Msmedic68w, My last transcript arrived today. My application is now complete. When did you apply? From reading 2019 posts I though it would take a month for decisions to be made. Hopefully I will get my acceptance letter very soon as well. I applied...
  15. JPS Residency July 2017

    @PD82, LVN- I just submitted my supporting documentation! The wait for me begins *bites fingernails*