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  1. mickeyrose9

    CEN & ENA book 2018

    Hi everyone! Has anyone used the newest 5th edition ENA CEN review book (released September 2018)to prep for the CEN? How were your scores on the 5 written exams and 2 online exams compare to your score on the actual CEN?
  2. mickeyrose9

    Atlanta ER Nursing

    Hello :) I am an RN with my BSN and 4 years experience ( 3 ER and 1 Telemetry) coming from a 28-bed community ER with a Cath lab and moving to Atlanta in January 2019. To make this transition as smooth as possible, i'm looking to get the inside scoop on some of the ERs in the Atlanta area. I am interested in great opportunities to learn, advance my career and I plan on going for my masters, so reimbursement/coverage would be awesome! From what I have researched thus far I keep seeing Grady, Emory, Emory St Josephs and Piedmont pop up. Any help in general or with the following would be awesome: 1) What ERs do you recommend to work at/avoid and why? 2) What is the expected pay scale for a nurse with 4 years experience? 3) Any thoughts on the benefits/ scheduling? 4)Do they have coverage of Masters degree or tuition reimbursement? 5) What is the best way to get employed? show up in person?apply online? recruiters? 6) Anything i should know about nursing in Atlanta/ living there? Any other tips, suggestions or things that i can do to help my transition? Thanks! :)
  3. mickeyrose9

    ER: Shared Employee/ Traveler

    Thanks everyone! As a shared employee I would be able to pickup shifts at other ERs under the same "branch" ex: HCA, partners, Tenent. I agreee that I need more experience, so that is why am interested in Becoming a shared employee. I plan on traveling after 2.5 -3 years, but I want exposure to the acuity that a Level 1 ER would have.
  4. mickeyrose9

    Cyclical vomiting syndrome

    Sometimes smoking excess amts of marajuana can cause cyclical vommiting. Also, giving a low dose of haldol helps with the vomiting and psych aspect. I personally believe that part of cyclical vommiting can be linked to psych (not always, but often).
  5. mickeyrose9

    ER: Shared Employee/ Traveler

    Hello everyone :) Looking for some insight on being an ER shared employee/ traveler. I have been an ER nurse in a local community hospital for 1.5 years and am looking into getting more experience in a more acute setting as well as some trauma exposure. I love to learn and would ultimately like to take travel assignments around the county. Any thoughts? I hear that travelers and shared employees often get the **** assigments and hot messes. How has your experiences been? What is it like being a shared employee? Would you reccomend being a shared employee before taking travel assignments? Thanks!