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Sarah Matacale has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Clinical Documentation.

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  1. Halloween can be a nightmare for kids with food-based allergies and the parents who have to monitor for them. This seemingly simple holiday is not as easy for some as a knock on the door and getting a treat; it can mean life-threatening anaphylaxis a...
  2. For many of us who know of Kati Kleber, it's as a nurse on a cardiac med-surg step-down unit, the author of several books including Becoming Nursey, or as a speaker, blogger and podcaster specializing in educating and supporting brand new nurses. As ...
  3. About 5 days after our daughter was born, she stopped breathing during a bath. I had been a cardiac critical care nurse for a number of years at that time. You would think that I would know exactly what to do. I will tell you exactly what I did...I r...
  4. I stole this title from a boarded-up restaurant window that I saw today in our small town in Eastern North Carolina. If any of y'all (see how I did that..y'all) have ever read my articles, you know that I am a nurse and my husband is a doctor. We hav...
  5. I am a nurse...married to a Doctor. That notion seems to spark a lot of interesting conversation and questions in the non-medical public. The title of this article being one of them. "Oh it just like you see on Grey's Anatomy?" My husban...
  6. This article is featured in the July 2018 edition of our allnurses Magazine... Download allnurses Magazine School nurses have always been one of the most diverse and unique subspecialties in nursing throughout the decades. While the specific job resp...
  7. To all of us health professionals (professionals being the key word here), this one will leave you speechless. I am sure by now many of you have seen the viral YouTube video of an Atlanta dermatologist dancing and twerking with her staff over an unco...
  8. School you work through the summer?

    Add additional comments or areas that apply. I would also like to know of any other work you do during the summer
  9. School you work through the summer?

    School you work through the summer? Is it mandatory? If so how many hours per week? I am writing an article including the results of this poll in the next issue of allnurses magazine.
  10. Oh How I Miss School Nurses

    Do you have a national association for school nurses that I can send this to?
  11. Oh How I Miss School Nurses

    I have wanted to write this article for some time and was pulled back to it after a statewide march at our capital for teachers and school advocacy. One of the major points focused on our lack of school nurses. In the southeastern state that I live i...
  12. Nurses and Stink Bugs???

    Nurses and Stink Bugs??? Just Stay With Me Here... Tonight I read my kids a story about a bug who got mugged, robbed, beat up and left for dead on the side of the road. So far sounds like a lovely kids story right?? In the book, a group of ants come ...
  13. Am I Still a Nurse?

    Am I Still a Nurse? The Question I Am Asked Too Often I will start by saying, "Yes I am a nurse and I have been one for 21 years".......after that, things get more convoluted. I don't remember ever deciding to be a nurse, it seems that I just always ...
  14. "Safe Injection Houses"- What's This?

    A "safe house" for drug users to use drugs with clean equipment and trained professional supervision using public funding.....what the what????!!! Am I reading this correctly? This instantly stirred up strong feelings and opinions for this nurse, mom...
  15. ER Nurse's "Funky Flu" Video Goes Viral

    We've all had these moments after working a particularly insane shift. We have to vent. Your brain is still reeling, you are exhausted yet still in overdrive. Sometimes it's related to coworkers or employer issues, but many times it relates to our pa...

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