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  1. Ruixi13

    Gender Bias in Healthcare Occupations

    THIS hard.
  2. Ruixi13

    Northwell Health 2019 Fellowship

    Who here has already had or has scheduled an in person interview for the Critical Care Fellowships (not ED)?
  3. Ruixi13

    Northwell Health 2019 Fellowship

    Applied to CC Fellowship.. only had the video interview, that was over a week ago.. Not feeling too good about the situation
  4. Ruixi13

    Northwell Health 2019 Fellowship

    I really wanna know too if any interviews for any of the CC fellowships have gone out... been so long since I applied.
  5. Ruixi13

    Mandatory Uniforms

    I have less issue with the colors than I do being given cheap material scrubs... feels like death against the skin and usually sizing is poor.
  6. I used to work for an airline, and we would just make people sign their passports at the airport if they had not signed it yet beforehand. There is no rule that someone has to witness the signature take place. If the passport was pre-signed at home nobody would have witnessed this signature anyway. Also I think if the woman would have accepted the passport if it had been signed in front of her, she should have declared that from the get-go.
  7. Ruixi13

    is Nursing School HARDER than Medical School?

    It's hard in the respect that we learn our whole profession in 2 years and go straight into practice whereas medical school they finish 4 years of study and still have years more of training as a resident which is rigorous in its own right. But in the end the medical route is much more difficult I don't see how people can make the argument otherwise. Though nursing school certainly is one of the most difficult bachelors level programs out there! You're comparing BS to a post-grad study.
  8. Ruixi13

    Why would a nurse push IV potassium?

    OMG that's some messed up ****... I couldn't even imagine being the nurse who receives mislabeled syringes like that and administering it.. >_
  9. Definitely no chance for a raise.. but it might make you more appealing and sound more interesting/more likely to get an interview. Perhaps certain urban centers with large immigrant populations speaking those languages may be more inclined to hire you if you truly are fluent, but if only a slightly proficient (minor) level language proficiency I'm not sure how much of an edge the degree would get you. That being said, I think language study is incredible and I have studied plenty and it has enriched my life so much, so would encourage it!!
  10. Ruixi13


    I took as A&P I and II, and I can't imagine having taken anatomy and physiology separately. Physiology would be fine, but anatomy alone would be sooooo boring! I'd be like "now what do this DOOO!?"
  11. Ruixi13

    The overwhelming stress of nursing school

    Just like we need to learn how to triage patients you need to learn how to triage your life. I'm half-way done with my 2 year nursing program and it can be busy and stressful, but I don't think it should ever be as bad as you describe it. If a test is worth 1/3 your grade you need to put much more time into that than things that are worth 1, 5, or 10% of your grade. Get a planner, write every due date out and start allotting your time to all your tests and projects. Writing papers is a skill you should hopefully have learned in high school or any other undergraduate liberal arts classes you have taken. Nursing papers are no different except you will use APA (a format that is easily copied from the internet). And to be honest, I don't think nursing professors are as strict with grammar and essay structure as the professors I have had with my previous degrees.. I didn't enjoy psych much either, but at the end of the day its a class and you have to learn it, so put the time in, it's really not that complex. And echo those posts before, as important as schoolwork is, you need to add a few personal activities during your week may be regular exercise, dinner dates with friends or S.O's, as you like!
  12. Ruixi13

    General Ed class grades!!

    Don't stress it, I think overall GPA is a little bit important only, pre-req classes are immensely more important! Since you have all A's you sound solid!
  13. In what way is NYU or Emory better than Stony Brook? I'm not on here to bash those 2 schools, but being a public university doesn't make SBU any worse. Just going off NCLEX pass rates last year SBU 97.4% vs NYU 85% passing.. I don't know how you can say Stony Brook is definitely inferior. But some posters are right that NYU might be good if you plan to work in the city, having had clinicals and connections with city hospitals whereas Stony Brook you'd connect more with Long Island and Northwell Hospitals. That said SBU, NYU are both amazing programs. I'd imagine Emory is too but have no knowledge of their curriculum! NY State NCLEX pass rates: NYS Nursing:Nursing Programs:RN NCLEX Results: 2
  14. Seems a bit much, but 1-2 12 hr shifts a week sounds totally doable. But if you're a superman/woman I recommend you listen to your gut!
  15. Ruixi13

    Traditional Nursing bachelor degree

    If you want affordable I'd say SUNY Stony Brook or SUNY Donwstate. CUNY colleges Hunter, Lehman, York, etc also have programs you can check out.