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  1. Ridereee

    Desperately need advice!

    How do you make a focused resume? I've only worked one place as a nurse, so I have my nursing experience listed, cna experience listed, a part about my experience as a waitress listed. I have another part about my skills/ certifications, then a part about clinicals. At the top of my resume is my objective of finding a place in a Med surg setting. I meant my dream as an ER nurse as something I would want to do after I've learned some more skills and have become more experienced, and who knows, maybe I won't want to do that after I find my niche. By applying at random, I just meant when I have the time to, I apply to hospitals who have openings on Med surg floors :) my point of this post was just if working in Geri psych in a hospital would either help or hurt my resume if I was to want to pursue something else in a different settingbif it turned out geri psych wasn't what I could see myself doing forever. thank you for your response! I really appreciate any input
  2. Ridereee

    Desperately need advice!

    Hi everyone! I graduated in May 2016 and have been working at a LTCF/SNF on a rehab floor since I passed my nclex. I definitely love my patients and coworkers, but we are understaffed a lot and it gets stressful. i have been applying around at random to hospitals in the area but it's extremely difficult. I have applied probably 70 places and got one call back from a hospital after I applied to a surgical unit, so I was very excited about that. The interview however turned out to be on a geropsych unit (the surgical unit forwarded my resume to them). I am seriously considering this job my question is... would a geropsych unit in a hospital help me eventually get into a Med/surg floor or another specialty? Or would it turn people away? I love the geriatric population and do have a passion for psych, but my dream deep down has been ER, and I eventually would like to end up there thank you in advance!